The Executive Program in Sales and Marketing in Collaboration with IMI Delhi Explained!

Sales and Marketing

Are you ready to embark on a transformational journey in the realm of Sales and Marketing?

Prepare to witness the convergence of industry expertise and cutting-edge strategies as IMI, Delhi collaborates with Accredian to introduce an extraordinary Executive Program in Sales and Marketing!

This trailblazing partnership merges the excellence of IMI Delhi, one of India’s premier business schools, with the industry-leading marketing prowess of Accredian. Together, we’re poised to redefine the way professionals harness data-driven insights to revolutionize sales and marketing strategies, steering organizations toward unprecedented success.

In this dynamic program, you’ll plunge into the captivating world of Sales and Marketing analytics. Discover how data-backed approaches can fine-tune market strategies, customer engagement, performance optimization, and much more. Guided by our esteemed faculty and seasoned marketing practitioners, you’ll acquire the skills and knowledge needed to shape the future of Sales and Marketing.

Open the door to limitless possibilities and elevate your career to unparalleled heights. If you’re passionate about unlocking the full potential of your organization’s sales and marketing efforts, this program is your golden opportunity.

Don’t let this incredible chance to be part of the Sales and Marketing revolution pass you by!

Join us at IMI Delhi and Accredian, where innovation meets excellence, and set sail on a transformative journey that will redefine your approach to Sales and Marketing!

Who should seize this opportunity?

Senior Sales Executives, Entrepreneurs, Business Development Managers, Marketing Professionals, Area Sales Managers, Consultants, VP Sales, Brand Managers, and Business Leaders.

Program Highlights: 

  • Certification: Give your resume the IMI edge
  • 6 Months of Comprehensive Learning 
  • Top Faculty: Learn from top Faculty from IMI
  • Expert Masterclasses
  • Sales and Marketing Simulation
  • Lifetime Access to Study Material
  • 70+ Hours of Live Classes
  • Get access to 2023 Interview Resources.

Program Syllabus 

The Executive Program in Sales and Marketing includes the following modules:

Module 1 – Introduction to Marketing Management
  • Topic 1: Marketing Strategy and Concepts
  • Topic 2: Marketing Segmentation
  • Topic 3: Target Marketing and Positioning
  • Topic 4: Contemporary Marketing: Role of Digitalization and AI in Marketing
  • Topic 5: 4 Ps of Marketing
Module 2 – Customer Relationship Management
  • Topic 6: Customer Centricity: Improving Customer Engagement
  • Topic 7: Customer Relationship Building
  • Topic 8: Database Management and CRM Strategies
  • Topic 9: Customer Delight and Lifetime Value
Module 3 – Market Research and Consumer Behavior
  • Topic 10: Delivering Customer Value: Programming 4 Ps and 7 Ps
  • Topic 11: Market Research Process
  • Topic 12: Defining Research Problems and Objectives
  • Topic 13: Selection of Research Design and Data Collection Methodology
  • Topic 14: Strategic Sampling and Organizing Data Collection
  • Topic 15: Consumer Behavior and Decision Making
  • Topic 16: Consumer Insights: Understanding Attitudes, Perception & Decision-Making
Module 4 – Leveraging Digital, Mobile & Social Media for Marketing
  • Topic 17: Digital Marketing as part of Marketing Strategy
  • Topic 18: Engaging through Website Marketing
  • Topic 19: Social Media Marketing
  • Topic 20: Mobile phone Marketing: SMS, Calls, and Mobile App applications
  • Topic 21: Leveraging Digital Marketing for Sales
Module 5 – Buyer Behavior & Mastering B2B Sales
  • Topic 22: Uncovering Factors Behind Purchases
  • Topic 23: Customer Purchase Journey
  • Topic 24: Conducting Effective Buyer Research
  • Topic 25: Model and Process for B2B Sales
  • Topic 26: Buying and Selling Centers
  • Topic 27: Roles in Buying Decision-Making and the Buying Center
  • Topic 28: Selling Center Process: Case study
Module 6 – Successful Communication and Presentation Techniques
  • Topic 29: Being a compelling Storyteller—Communication skills – listening and speaking skills
  • Topic 30: Making Effective presentations: skills for Sales presentation
  • Topic 31: Elevator pitch and pitch Canvas
  • Topic 32: Sales Negotiation – Sales negotiation simulation
Module 7 – Sales Planning and Strategy
  • Topic 33: Strategic Sales Planning: Setting Objectives and Crafting Strategies
  • Topic 34: Territory Management and Sales Forecasting: Mapping Your Sales Universe
  • Topic 35: Aligning Sales Goals with Business Objectives: Strategy Development
  • Topic 36: Workshop: Designing an Effective Sales Plan for a Real Scenario
Module 8 – Strategic Account Management
  • Topic 37: Key Account Relationship Building: Nurturing Long-Term Partnerships
  • Topic 38: Cross-Selling and Upselling Techniques: Maximizing Customer Value
  • Topic 39: Strategic Account Planning: Ensuring Growth and Value Creation
  • Topic 40: Workshop: Creating a Robust Strategic Account Management Plan
Module 9 – Sales Distribution & logistics
  • Topic 41: Channel Management
  • Topic 42: Value and functions of channels
  • Topic 43: Designing Distribution Challenges
  • Topic 44: Channel conflict and types
  • Topic 45: Handling conflict
  • Topic 46: Offline to online channels (O2O)
  • Topic 47: E-commerce Channels
Module 10 – Data Analysis for Sales and Distribution
  • Topic 48: Sales Metrics and Data Interpretation (Excel-based Exercise), Resource Planning for managers – interpreting Data,Forecasting techniques errors
  • Topic 49: Data Visualization: data analysis related to sales and marketing on Excel
  • Topic 50: Models of Problem Identification at Dealer/Partner Level, Organizing, Cleaning and Visualizing Company Internal Data, Market Gap Analysis
  • Topic 51: Sales force performance Analysis: Selling and Non-selling activities Performance-based KRAs Evaluation Parameters
Module 11 – Sales Leadership and Team Management
  • Topic 52: Emotional Intelligence Competencies for High Performance: Managing Emotions for High Performance, Improvisation of Work and Processes, working in Harmony, Enhancing Emotional Maturity for Camaraderie and Team spirit
  • Topic 53: Teamwork: How to work in teams with common goals, Performing well-defined roles. Embracing diversity.
  • Topic 54: Sharing a common culture: Accountability to the team and leadership and Communicating

Application Process

  1. Apply at
  2. IMI will Review your Application.
  3. Complete your Enrolment by Paying the Program Fee.
  4. Selected Candidates will receive an Admission Letter.

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Talk to our Program Mentor at +91 78276 44070

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