The 2-Day IIT-Guwahati Campus Immersion by Accredian

Accredian, one of the leading Ed-Tech companies in the industry partnered with one of India’s top tech institutes, IIT Guwahati to organise an incomparable 2-day campus immersion from 18th – 19th November, 2023.

The purpose of this event was to allow our students to get a unique insight into the world of IIT. To be among like-minded people, great scholars, and leading industry experts, the students were able to network and make the best out of their time on the IIT campus.

The day kicked off with a warm welcome note by the Chief Product Officer of Accredian, Suchit Majumdar, familiarising the students with what their two days at IIT Guwahati look like. Everyone looked pumped and excited about this opportunity and ready to start their day.

Their unique itinerary looked something like this:


Suchit started on a refreshing note that energised the students. He also wished everybody good luck and encouraged the students to explore the campus. Important things like the itinerary and agenda for each day were highlighted to the students so that they could prepare themselves accordingly.

Next up, IIT Professor Gaurav Trivedi, addressed the students about what is going on at IIT, and gave a wonderful opportunity for any student can visit him at IIT and present ideas directly.

The students got a chance to meet each other and introduce themselves with their current roles and designations in front of the whole room. The networking continued to happen over tea.

This was followed by an exciting activity where people were grouped randomly into buyers and & sellers. The intent was to sell a pen and see which group could sell it at a higher price. 

Next in number was a Case Study presented by Suchit Majumdar about Succeeding Careers in 2024 which focused on how individuals packaged themselves in the market to crack the right opportunity.

After this and a lunch break, students and mentors gathered to begin the engaging “Product Tear Down” Competition for Product Management students and a “DataDashHackathon for the Data Science students. So what were these competitions about? 

The Product Tear Down Competition was crafted to assess participants’ proficiency in deconstructing various pivotal elements of the PhonePe app. It evaluated students on skills such as: 

  • Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Persona Development
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Critical Thinking
  • Cultivating a Product Mindset

Working collaboratively in teams, participants addressed the provided problem statement. Additionally, they were tasked with proposing enhancements to the app, thereby gauging their problem-solving capabilities in a product management context.

The Winners for Product Teardown were: Anchit Arora, Govinda Biswas, Malika Mangla, Sohan Krishna, Bhavna Saini

And the Runner ups were: Chirag Pratap, Gaurav Verma, Siddharth Bharadwaj, Yashvee Thakkar, Guru K

The DataDash 2023 Competition was an exhilarating Data Science Hackathon exclusively designed for the bright minds of Accredian’s student community. The competition aimed to amplify the data science skills of the participants and provide a platform for hands-on learning and collaboration. 

DataDash 2023 invited students to apply cutting-edge techniques and methodologies such as machine learning, statistical analysis, and Artificial Intelligence to solve a real-world data science problem. 

The goal was to create the best possible model for the given problem statement using the provided dataset. The problem was simple to understand “Which employee of the organisation should be promoted based on the performance records”, with around 45000 rows to train the Prediction Model, this was the challenge that the participants faced.

The Winners of the DataDash Hackathon were: Reshma Rawat, Rajesh Kumar, Raj Kamal, Anshika Singh

The Runner ups were: Devatha Raju, Balaji M, Lalit Kumar, Pravin Bolangady

They ended the first day with submissions and networking time where every person was engaged in unique and fruitful discussions with each other. They learned a lot about the backgrounds and industries that each peer came from. Many were even having deep conversations with the IIT faculty.


Day 2 began with a Leadership talk by Sai Charan Tej from Google, who joined from (Silicon Valley) California. He talked about the demand for Data Science and Product Management in the current market. What is the scope and how should one grow to become a leader in this field?

Professor Sahu from IIT also talked about the current innovations and projects that IIT-G is working on. The students enjoyed this thoroughly and asked a lot of questions.

This was followed by the last part of the exhilarating competition which was the Pitch your presentation stage. Here the top 2 groups presented their findings in front of the panel of judges consisting of IIT faculty and industry experts. They presented their research methods and results and were highly praised by the audience in turn.

The event was concluded by Suchit and Gaurav Trivedi bidding each and everyone farewell from the Campus immersion experience.

The day finally ended with a lucrative session of networking, and testimonials by students thanking Accredian and IIT professors for this exclusive campus immersion experience.

The IIT-Guwahati Campus Immersion experience was a perfect mix of academic brilliance, industry preparation, cutting-edge research, and a vibrant community. It was more than a career prep – it was a lifelong adventure in learning and excellence! 

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