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budding data science leaders

Welcome back folks! We are excited to announce our newest Top 3 Budding Data Science Leaders for 2024!

The Top 3 Data Science Leaders Award is our most prestigious academic award where we recognize Accredians who have demonstrated the highest potential to emerge as successful Data & AI leaders of India in the coming years. Let’s check out their journey.

About our Selection Process

A total of 2500 students from Accredian, spread across 15 different batches, took part in this award. During a two-month-long selection process, these participants underwent four major rounds, which included Technical Data Leader assessment, Accredian Spotlight Interviews, assessment of their Github profiles and headshots. 

The selection process culminated in a final interview with Hemanka Sarmah, who serves as both Accredian’s Product Manager (Data Science) and Senior faculty.

We would like to appreciate all Accredian students who participated and we hope that the participation process itself has been immensely valuable to you.  

Although there were many talented professionals who participated for this award, we are happy to announce the ones who made it to the Top 3 Budding Data Science Leaders Awards for Year 2024! 

Congratulating all the winners. Here is everything you need to know about these

Top Budding Data Science Leaders

1. M. Prathyush

budding data science leaders
M. Prathyush

M. Prathyush, is a Machine Learning Engineer who is keen on transitioning to the field of data science. Prathyush’s background in engineering has given him a solid foundation in research, data analysis, and mathematical modeling. With his passion for learning and problem-solving skills, Prathyush is ready to embark on a new journey in the field of data science.

According to Yash Chauhan:

It’s always a delight to interview someone who not only knows what he’s talking about but is confident enough to be creative and explorative in his answers, and that is exactly what my interview with Prathyush. His intuition around machine learning algorithms had us in a discussion rather than questioning which is always good for an interview.

  • Check out Prathyush’s LinkedIn profile here.

Congratulations Prathyush for winning the Budding Data Science Leaders Award 2024!

2. Rupali Joshi

Rupali, our second winner has been a Global Certificate in Data Science student at Accredian. Rupali overcame her initial challenges and pursued her passion for data science with the help of Accredian‘s rigorous curriculum and experienced faculty. We congratulate you Rupali for your achievements.

As per Yash Chauhan:

Rupali’s Interview went really well because of her attempt at trying to answer all the questions very vocally, it’s always good if you can showcase your thought process in a succinct manner. Her thoughts were very clear and she could show her knowledge of the topics she has learned very naturally in all of the questions asked.

  • Check out Rupali’s LinkedIn profile here.

3. Md. Saleem Sekander

budding data science leaders
Md. Saleem Sekander

Md. Saleem is our third winner. He is a Data Science enthusiast making his way into the field of Data Science. His insatiable passion for knowledge and upskilling led him to enroll in the PGP in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence program at Accredian. Congratulations Saleem!

According to Ashish Lepcha: 

Saleem Sekander is well-versed in the principles of machine learning and data science. Saleem’s solid background, rapidly developing Data Science abilities, and prior experience make him a standout candidate in this industry.

  • Check out Saleem’s LinkedIn profile here.

At Accredian, we are proud and honored to have the chance to guide all these wonderful professionals towards becoming the next generation of leaders in Data science & AI.

An honorable mention for the Top 10 finalists (including winners) of the Data Leaders Award for 2024:

  1. M. Prathyush
  2. Rupali Joshi
  3. Md. Saleem Sekander
  4. Vidya B.
  5. Srinivasan Swaminathan
  6. Madhavi Raj
  7. Sukanya Sen
  8. Mahesh Torgal
  9. Sanjay Malhotra
  10. Ivaturi kishori

The entire student community, faculty and staff at Accredian heartily congratulate these winners for the year 2024 again and we look forward to seeing them achieve Accredian’s vision of making India into Data Science and AI superpower!

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