30 Questions to Crack Flipkart Product Manager Interview

30 Questions to Crack Flipkart Product Manager Interview

Are you a technology buff with problem-solving skills? If yes, then a Product Management role at Flipkart is the perfect opportunity for you. 

To crack a Flipkart Product Manager role, one needs extensive preparation. And there’s no better way to prepare than practice PM interview questions

In this blog, We have handpicked and compiled the list of 30 Flipkart Product Manager interview questions, that will help you prepare everything you might encounter on interview day. This list includes technical, product design, guesstimate, analytical, and product launch interview questions

Before moving on to the list of interview questions, let’s briefly understand how a Product Manager interview process at Flipkart works. 

Flipkart Product Management Interview

The entire Flipkart PM interview process is divided into 2 phases with 8 rounds. Phase 1 includes an exploratory discussion followed by a phone screening round. After which candidates are called for an onsite interview which is a part of phase 2.

Phase 2 of the Flipkart Product Management interview consists of 6 rounds of testing the candidate for problem-solving, product thinking, business understanding, engineering understanding, team, and culture fitment.

30 Questions to Crack Flipkart Product Manager Interview

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30 Flipkart Product Manager Interview Questions

  1. How would you enhance customer engagement on the Flipkart website?
  2. As a Product Manager, how would you improve the profitability of Flipkart?
  3. Rationalize KPI’s of Uber.
  4. Ekart is planning to enter the courier business. As a Product Manager, how would you strategize this idea?
  5. What is the difference between the Indian and US e-commerce markets?
  6. What would you do to make Flipkart more social?
  7. How would you get sellers to sign up quickly on Flipkart?
  8. There’s a fall in Flipkart’s GMV. How would you determine it?
  9. How would you design a warehouse for products category-wise?
  10. As a Product Manager at Flipkart, how would you increase the user base of those aged above 60 years?
  11. Assume the data team of an e-commerce brand loses all its metrics. In such a situation as a Product Manager, what metrics would you track?
  12. How will you identify fake reviews on Flipkart? What will you do to decrease them?
  13. As a Product Manager at YouTube, what metrics will you track?
  14. At Flipkart, we’re seeing a large number of returns in the earphones category. As a Product Manager, what will you do in such a situation?
  15. What feature will you design to increase the user base of Dunzo?
  16. As a Product Manager at Swiggy, what metrics will you track?
  17. Estimate how many refrigerators are sold at Flipkart during Diwali. 
  18. Flipkart wants to enter the online pharmacy space. What should be the strategy?
  19. Which is your favorite product? How would you improve it using technology?
  20. If Amazon loses 10% of its monthly revenue, what metrics would you track?
  21. How would you tackle bulk order delivery issues at Flipkart?
  22. Launch a videos feature on Flipkart
  23. How would you improve the order delivery speed at Flipkart?
  24. Should a new e-commerce platform enter the Indian market? If yes, what strategy would you advise?
  25. What are your views on the future of e-commerce in India?
  26. Define a revenue model. 
  27. Create a product similar to Google Photos. 
  28. How would you launch Flipkart grocery?
  29. How are recommendations given to Flipkart sellers?
  30. As a Product Manager, how would you identify the cause for a drop in the number of ratings at Myntra?

To prepare well for your next PM interview, you can also practice questions asked at other product companies. We had earlier shared articles on 25+ Microsoft PM interview questions and Facebook Product Manager interview questions, which you can refer to. 

We hope you found this article on 30 Flipkart Product Manager interview questions useful. Share your answers to the above PM interview questions in the comments section below.

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