20 Questions for Lyft Product Manager Interview

Founded in 2012, the ride-hailing app Lyft has shortly gained prominence across the US and Canada. Valued at more than $24 billion, Lyft has some great products in its portfolio such as ridesharing, motorbikes for hire, luxury vehicles, and food delivery. With its user-friendly products, Lyft today dominates 32% of the US ride-hailing market share and plans to grow more. 

In this thriving growth, the product team at Lyft has had an important role to play.  Consequently, the company is always on the lookout to add more exceptional Product Managers to its team. 


Similar to Facebook, Lyft runs an Associate Product Manager program for fresh graduates starting in Product Management. While for experienced professionals, there are multiple Product Management roles advertised on Lyft’s career page. In either case, if you want to become a Product Manager at Lyft, you will have to crack the highly competitive Product Management interview. And this article will help you prepare for that. 

We have curated the list of 20 Product Manager interview questions asked at Lyft in the past. These PM interview questions will you a peek into what to expect and how to prepare. Earlier, we shared with you preparation articles for Product Management interviews at Uber and Facebook. Do check them out. 

Let’s get started

Lyft Product Manager Interview Questions

  1. How will you design surge pricing for Lyft?
  2. As a Product Manager, what will you do to acquire more users for Lyft?
  3. Devise a strategy for Lyft to enter the Indian market
  4. How would you measure the success of Lyft delivery?
  5. How can you improve Uber?
  6. Design Lyft for disabled people
  7. Launch Lyft in a new city
  8. Should Uber have a separate app for Uber Eats?
  9. As a Product Manager, how will you go about reducing cancellations on Lyft?
  10. A large number of drivers at Lyft are dropping out of a city. As a Product Manager, how would you identify the reason?
  11. How will you design a referral system for Lyft?
  12. What metrics would you track to measure the success of Lyft Black?
  13. Should Lyft launch a private ambulance service?
  14. What factors should Lyft consider before entering the Asian market?
  15. There is a 10% drop in rider cancellations. How will you investigate this?
  16. Design a ride scheduling feature for Lyft. 
  17. How will you design Lyft for deaf riders?
  18. Design a ride pass for Lyft
  19. Design a contactless food delivery experience for Lyft
  20. Lyft wants to enter grocery delivery. Design a  product for it. 

We hope you found these questions useful. If you want to know more about the Product Management interview process at Lyft, let us know in the comments below. We will get back to you.

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