Why Accredian?


One of the questions we get asked often is “Why Accredian“?

To answer this question best, let’s look at-

Why Accredian has been established?

Accredian is India’s first academic institution dedicated to Data Science & AI research, Product Management, Digital Transformation and Management programs.

One of the core vision’s with which Accredian has been established is to groom industry leaders of tomorrow. 

Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, Product Management, Strategy and Leadership are some key areas that will define the next 20 years of human civilization and our goal through our immersive programs  is to prepare  professionals who can lead this revolution.

3 Key Differentiations of Accredian

  1. Accredian is India’s first AI & Data Science academic institution dedicated to Data Science & AI research and education. 
  2. Faculty: All the faculty at Accredian are top-industry experts and mentors. Each of faculty at Accredian has a Masters degree and possess rich real world experience. More importantly, each faculty at Accredian is passionate mentor and knows how to articulate a concept in a way that is motivating and inspiring
  3. Revolutionary Learning Pedagogy: The pedagogy of Global Certificate in Data Science is totally Project based which means during the program. 
  4. World class Learning Center: One of the core components of the Accredian Learning Center is our world class Learning Center. As an Accredian student, you get 24*7 access to the learning center which means you have access to all your class video recordings, presentations, assignments, post reads, term projects. 
  5. World class Accredian Career Center:  Accredian Career Center ensures that you have all the resources, workshops, toolkits and mentorship that you will need to transition to a your desired role successfully.
  6. Student Community: The student community at Accredian is among the best part of the program. You walk out of Accredian as an alum and have access to all the alumni and current student database. 

Accredian’s  experience is about transformational learning experience that will catapult you into your dream job. More importantly, it will help you become a Data leader of tomorrow who will go out and create positive impact on the world through next generation technologies. 

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