Meet Accredian’s Admissions Team!

Meet the visionaries responsible for making your Data Science education a reality.

The Accredian Admissions Team is responsible for interviewing students to understand their career objectives and background, analyzing student profiles and counselling them to choose the right program. We spoke to our Program Guidance Counsellors about the value they add to the student experience and here is what they had to say!

Malvika: Can you talk about the structure and responsibilities of the Admissions Team Staff, Program Guidance Counsellors at Accredian?

Rishabh: The Admissions Team currently has 15 Program Guidance Counsellors, headed by 2 Team Leads, driven to understanding students from diverse backgrounds and experience and making their Data Science education- a successful reality.

The responsibilities of a Program Guidance Counsellor starts with exploring the professional journey of Data Science enthusiasts, understanding their career plan and objectives. After a relatively clear picture is established, we offer program details and apt career guidance before/after joining the program.

It is important to evaluate whether a course is a good fit for your profile or not; sometimes our students are not informed enough to make a decision.

We ensure they are aware of everything that would influence their learning journey including the value-add Accredian provides, the admissions process, policies, and resolutions to any queries that arise.

Malvika: How critical is the role of the Admissions Team Staff, Program Guidance Counsellors from a student point of view? What problems do you solve for our students?

Ariba: It is very critical as we are the first point of contact for the candidate.

Working professionals need proper guidance as per their own perceived career growth. Every student has certain career goals in mind at the time of joining. They need advice to understand how to achieve the best after completion of the course. Specifically, the problems that we solve revolve around program particulars. Students want to understand the details, duration and benefits of the program.

Sometimes they need advice on how to enroll and get started in Data Science learning.

Malvika: Can you discuss the different backgrounds our students come from?

Rishabh: We get students from all industries and backgrounds ultimately learning in the same ecosystem.

We have both programmers and non-programmers, IT and non-IT domain experts, experienced professionals and freshers, student/faculties and full-time employed professionals.

The programs at Accredian are designed in a way they can benefit the largest possible common denominator!

Malvika: What are the different career goals professionals are looking to accomplish with Accredian courses?

Heena: There are mainly three objectives professionals lok to accomplish with Accredian:

1. Upskilling

2. Transition 

3. Career Growth- Career growth includes getting opportunities for better profiles and remuneration.

Malvika: What are the different queries that you get from the students?

Rishabh: It’s simple.. If a student gets stuck with anything during or before enrollment, he calls us. Actually, even afterwards! We’re always there to help students out.

We get requests to upgrade programs, provide placement assistance, initial queries like how to switch to Data Science as a newbie, which projects and case-studies are covered in different programs, credibility or value of an Accredian certification, tools & technologies  covered, access to live and recorded classes, questions about faculty, scholarship, placement records, examination process, teaching assistance, and queries regarding scholarships, course completion dates, starter kits, webinar details, registration process, payment options, prerequisites of the course, customization of the program, fast-track options, minimum system requirements, discounts, refund policy and referral policy.

Malvika: Accredian students have different levels of experience and come from different domains, what factors do you consider when counselling them to make the right program choice?

Heena: We do get incredible diversity in our students!  We ask a few questions to get better acquainted with their background. Mailnly, we try to ascertain the best possible information basis the following factors:

a. Profile
b. Experience
c. Programming experience
d. Motive of taking up the course: upskilling or transition
e. Finances and investment of time

Malvika: What makes Accredian stand out for Data Science students as compared to other institutions?

Ariba: Accredian stands out from other institutions in a lot of different ways:

1. Accredian offers a lot of choices for Data Science programs right from 3 months. 6 months and 12 months long certifications and an extensive scholarship program.

2. A dedicated Faculty panel made of India’s most recognized & top-ranked Data Science academicians.

3. Education exclusively focused on Data Science & AI with revisions in course, project-based learning and customization with electives.

4. Students connect with Data Leaders from firms like Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton, Reliance Jio, Swiggy and Phonepe. We invite speakers from different organizations who’ve made substantial contributions to the industry and in their domain. They share their journeys and latest trends in the Data Science and AI sector.

5. 1- month exclusive career assistance program. Other institutions either charge extra or do not attach much importance to these career grooming workshops but after completing the foundation course we feel our students are prepared enough now to navigate the recruitment processes of different companies and help them through our Career Launchpad.

6. Given the strength of our cohorts, students have the chance to network with professionals from 300+ top companies, IIT/IIM/BITS Pilani/NITs alumni, seasoned domain experts and earn industry specialization certifications.

Accredian is one of India’s biggest Data Science & AI institutions. 

This was our conversation with Accredian’s AdmissionsTeam. If you have any questions with the student experience at Accredian, reach out to is at [email protected]

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