Top 6 Data Science, AI and Machine Learning influencers you should follow right now!

Top 6 Data Science, AI and Machine Learning influencers

With the help of Social Media, anyone can connect with and interact with people who are skilled in certain fields. Imparting knowledge also becomes easy while being a part of the journey for certain processes that are developing daily.

As a result, Social Media has given birth to influencers who are doing their part by sharing information all over the internet. And influencers from the field of Data Science, AI and ML are no exception. 

They share the benefits of their fields, expert knowledge and tips to work efficiently with Data. And this has completely changed the game of acquiring knowledge in the fields of Data Science.

We have curated a list of 10 brilliant online personalities that you can follow to pick your brain. So here are the,

Top 6 Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Social Media influencers you need to check out

Bernard Marr

1. Bernard Marr

Bernard is the first on our list. He is an International bestselling author for his book ‘Data Strategy’ and is a strategic business & technology advisor to governments and companies among many other things.

He helps many organisations to improve their business performance by using data in a smarter way and helping them understand the implications of new technologies like Big Data, AI, Blockchains, etc.

Bernard has been frequently contributing to the World Economic Forum. He is one of the world’s most highly respected professionals when it comes to digital transformation and the intelligent use of data in business.  

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Ronald van Loon

2. Ronald van Loon

He is the CEO of Principal Analyst Intelligent World, and has been on a continuous pursuit to advance education and leadership in IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data, Deep learning, Cloud, etc.

He has a strong social media presence of around 300k+ data and analytics enthusiasts from every platform. He has written an extensive amount of blogs on Data Science and everyone should check it out.

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Kirk Borne

3. Kirk Borne

Kirke Borne is a renowned Astrophysicist and a Data Scientist who has used his expertise to help organisations like Booz Allen Hamilton. He was also an undergraduate advisor for the GMU data science program.

Kirk has spent most of his life supporting NASA projects, including the Hubble Space Telescope as a Data archive project scientist, the Astronomy Data Center at NASA and the Space Science Data Operations Office as well.

He has been a great contributor to the field of Data Science including Data Management, Informatics and Statistical science research, etc. You should definitely go check out his work.

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Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro

4. Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro

Gregory is the president of KDnuggets. He is a popular figure in the field of Data Mining, Data Science and is also a top influencer in the field. Gregory was given the 1st position for LinkedIn Top Voices in 2018 on Data Science and Analytics.

He has over 60+ published books and has edited a few of the best selling copies on Data Mining. 

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Tamara Mccleary

5. Tamara Mccleary

Tamara McCleary is the CEO of a global tech company, Thulium, which harnesses Machine Learning, Analytics, Data Science and AI to drive smart social development in the B2B and enterprise space.

She has contributed to the field of Data Science by hosting regular podcasts, keynote speaker at SAP Industries Live and a valued advisor to leading tech companies like Amazon, IBM, Dell, Cognizant, Cisco, Oracle, Verizon, RSA Security, etc.

She was recognised as the no. 1 Influential Woman in MarTech (marketing and technology).

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Allie K. Miller

6. Allie K. Miller

Allie Miller is the U.S. Head of AI Business Development for startups and Venture Capital at Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

She has been recognised as the youngest woman to build an AI enabled product for IBM, which helped the company grow rapidly towards large scale product development in Data.

Allie is a game changer in the field of AI. She has been speaking about AI and field diversity around the world. She has also taken the initiative to educate young minds and established businesses in building successful AI projects by providing 8 guidebooks on her social media platforms. 

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These will hopefully lead you on to explore more in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning and AI. Make sure to check out more blogs like this right here.

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