Meet Sarika Sudeesh from DXC Technology

Sarika Sudeesh

At INSAID, we create accomplished and empowered Data Leaders. We groom our students to dominate the world of Data Science and AI and reshape their future. We value what our students bring to the table. We share their vision and support them during their journey and ensure that they carve a niche for themselves.

We’re proud to have tutored exceptional students all across India. Today, one such exceptional student, Sarika Sudeesh stands in the spotlight.

Student Name: Sarika Sudeesh
Current Organization: DXC Technology
Batch: GCDAI – May 2019
Total years of experience: 4 years


Sarika Sudeesh

Malvika: Hi Sarika, before we begin, could you tell us more about your current work profile? 

Sarika: I completed my Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications and joined DXC Technology as a Finance Analyst in 2014.

I have been involved in this role for 4 years now.

Malvika: What got you interested in Data Science & Machine Learning? 

Sarika: I want to upskill for better opportunities. Although I completed my engineering, I’m still not working in my desired domain so that’s the transition I was looking for when I picked up Data Science.

Malvika:  What all tools and packages in Data Science & Machine Learning have you mastered in your Data Science & AI program at INSAID so far? 

Sarika: I have learned a lot of Python libraries till now and some classification algorithms. I’ve also improved my Tableau skills and I’m continuously implementing all of that in projects.

Malvika: What is the goal of Data Science? In your view, how has Data Science evolved in the last few years? 

Sarika: The goal of Data Science is to provide better business solutions.

Data Science has now evolved to become completely universal. It is applicable across all domains and industries.

Malvika: INSAID’s mission is to Groom Data Leaders of tomorrow. What do you understand by a Data Leader? And how is a Data Leader different from a Data Scientist?

Sarika: Data Scientists are responsible for the technical side of things where they perform some form of processing and analysis on data.

Data Leaders look for long term solutions from the Data Scientist’s analysis.

Malvika: What current trends in Data Science & AI do you see becoming very big in coming years? 

Sarika: I’m really excited about some applications like Recommendation engines and  automation of repetitive processes.

Malvika: At INSAID, students are encouraged to build high-quality GitHub profiles. Have you built a GitHub portfolio and how do you think this will help you? 

Sarika: These launchpad sessions were quite interesting.

These various sessions helped in project presentation, GitHub profile building, resume building and maintaining a valuable LinkedIn presence. 

These sessions were very helpful to me.

Malvika: Who is your favorite faculty at INSAID and what did you learn from him the most? 

Sarika: Deepesh is my favorite faculty here. He is thoroughly knowledgable and has a remarkable flair for teaching that is evident during his classes.

Malvika: Thank you for your time, Sarika. All the best for your future!

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