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At INSAID, we create accomplished and empowered Data Leaders. We groom our students to dominate the world of Data Science and AI and reshape their future. We value what our students bring to the table. We share their vision and support them during their journey and ensure that they carve a niche for themselves.

We’re proud to have tutored exceptional students all across India. Today, one such exceptional student, Joyeta Bhattacharya stands in the spotlight.

Student Name: Joyeta Bhattacharya
Current Organization: IBM
Batch: GCDAI – June 2019
Total years of experience: 10 years

Malvika: Hi Joyeta, before we begin, could you tell us more about your current work profile and your career trajectory so far? 

Joyeta: Currently I’m working with IBM as a Project Manager for middleware application projects.

Actually, I’m actively involved in project management or the different phases of project management like requirement gathering, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling and also I’m involving my team for various innovation work for developing web applications.

Malvika: What got you interested in Data Science & Machine Learning? 

Joyeta: I started learning Data Science because I wanted to know more about it.

From 2015, I’ve known about this field but I had not much interest and neither was much material available online. Later in my project last year, where I found some projects, especially from the management perspective, I worked on them.

We developed an application/ a dashboard that was helping the IBM seller and the manager to understand and predict the selling of the product.

So, basically, my project is in the sales and marketing domain. I was not involved in the data prediction perspective, but I was there to develop that particular dashboard. From that moment I found some interest as to how they are achieving all this because I had to talk to the different members of the design team also.

Subsequently, I started searching on the internet that how can I know much more about Data Science and I came to know about the program at INSAID.

Malvika: What all tools and packages in Data Science & Machine Learning have you mastered in your Data Science & AI program at INSAID so far? 

Joyeta: The way the curriculum was managed was exceptional, I’ve learnt all the tools and packages students from my cohort know.

I’m totally from a management background and I didn’t have any knowledge in this kind of field. So the way the syllabus was prepared and the patience with which the technical aspects and other difficulties were handled was very encouraging.

Faculty at INSAID talk about any concept as though they can relate it with some real-life example. And basically they’re good storytellers also. 

Malvika: What is the goal of Data Science? In your view, how has Data Science evolved in the last few years? 

Joyeta: Data Science, what we know is about the study of the data, right?

As a Data Scientist, we should have proper knowledge of the data and the understanding of how value and information can flow in the business and you can identify the business opportunity offered.

We can say that a business, like Amazon or Flipkart, how are they growing? How they evolve with data?

They’re gathering so much data and then using the analysis to provide benefit to the customer. This is the goal of Data Science. 

Malvika: What are the current trends in Data Science that you are most excited about? 

Joyeta: Data is growing at a faster rate and we need to analyze them as quickly to provide insight and more information, this can be achieved through automation.

That’s the kind of tool we need, like IBM has Cognos; IBM Cognos for data cleaning. Most of the time we are spending on data, can be cut down by automation.

I should also talk about Data Privacy and Security. You keep hearing about frauds happening to customers in the banking sector. I’m just giving example of the banking sector. So most of the time we are providing our data in any kind of purchase and we have to provide our personal information, for that the privacy and security level should be high.

Malvika: Which are the top two Data Science blogs that you follow? 

Joyeta: I’m following KDNuggets every day.

It is easier to understand the way and really influential. Another one would be towardsdatascience where we begin to know the different concepts that we’re learning.

We have to refer some blogs to understand the experience of the experts.

Malvika: Crafting a great Data Science resume is a critical part of getting shortlisted for Data Science roles. Tell us some ways in which you have improved your resume as part of Data Science Career Launchpad.

Joyeta: Until I attended that Career Launchpad session. I used to write everything in the master resume.

I came across different aspects of resume making and how should we devise that, and how we can highlight the things that we are doing, or what we are aspiring for.

So this was really helpful. And we got to know how to maintain our visibility as Data Scientists, what are all things we need to prepare for through our GitHub profile and LinkedIn profile so that the recruiter can see you there easily. 

Malvika: INSAID’s mission is to Groom Data Leaders of tomorrow. What do you understand by a Data Leader? And how is a Data Leader different from a Data Scientist?

Joyeta: Data Scientists are the individual contributors but Data Science Leaders have a huge responsibility.

As a Data Leader you have to not only lead the Data Scientists, but you have to understand the technology because this is different from the other managerial roles that we have seen in the IT industry.

You should also know the business inside out, you guide your team, not in terms of what and how but also why you are doing certain tasks as Data Scientists.

Malvika: How has your journey with INSAID been so far? Do you have any comments on how the curriculum has been structured, the faculty and the support team?

Joyeta: There is so much material out there when it comes to Data Science, but it is so confusing that I was really confused about how can I grow myself in this profession.

But when I enrolled in INSAID, the welcome session with Manav was really amazing and the way he helped us to understand the overview of data was really helpful.

After that, Suchit took over and his classes really helped us develop the right logic.
Now Deepesh has taken over for Machine Learning and it’s really amazing. 

Malvika: Thank you for your time, Joyeta. All the best for your future!

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