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Dipali Dhope has been a business analyst for the past six years. However, due to uncertainties in the IT industry, she took a career break and geared up to upskill herself in Data Science and Machine Learning to become a data scientist via the Global Certificate in Data Science (GCD) program at Accredian

In this interview, let’s see what interested her the most about data science and how her learning experience has been at Accredian. 

Question 1: Which program & batch are you part of at Accredian & tell us more about your current work profile?

Dipali: I am part of the Global Certificate in Data Science (GCD) program, July 2020 batch. Currently, I am a homemaker having a gap of a year due to relocation from Germany.  

Question 2: Walk us through your career journey & what got you interested in Data Science & Machine Learning?

Dipali: I have 6+ years of experience as a Business Analyst/Quality Analyst in the Finance/Retail Domain. Due to family relocation to the US and Germany, I got opportunities to work with some renowned companies like GE, Fidelity, etc. 

Due to the IT industry’s changing scenarios and career breaks, I am looking for new opportunities. So, I got attracted to the latest technology nowadays, and wish to take my career further in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence and become a data scientist.

Question 3: What tools and packages in Data Science & Machine Learning have you mastered in your Data Science & AI program at Accredian so far?

Dipali: I have learnt Python, NumPy, Pandas, Seaborn, Matplotlib, Exploratory Data Analysis, Visualization techniques and Basics of Machine Learning.

Question 4: What are some initial challenges when you got started on your Data Science journey, and how did you overcome them?

Dipali: My initial challenges were programming and even a bit of statistics because it has been a long time since I’ve dealt with stats.

When I started my course at Accredian, I wasn’t a very skilled programmer. So I kept on practicing the faculty’s assignments, and later on, it became quite comfortable for me. I completed the EDA assignment and felt confident about it.

Question 5: Who is your favorite faculty at Accredian, and what did you learn from him the Most?

Dipali: I have two favorite faculties at Accredian. Deepesh teaches you how to achieve your goals. He exudes confidence even if your energies are low, and that’s very inspiring. The next faculty is Darshan. His teaching methodology is unique, and he answers all queries very patiently and clearly.

Question 6: What is your advice to anyone wanting to start a career in Data Science?

Dipali: I have realized that Data Science is a journey, not a destination. Take every day bit-by-bit, write codes each day, read an article every day, follow blogs, stay updated or anything else you can think of that takes you closer to becoming a Data Scientist.

This was a conversation with one of our GCD students – Dipali Dhope. 

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