How to build a Top-notch Data Science Resume in 2020? | Ep #09

How to build a Top notch Data Science resume in 2020?

Here’s episode #9 of Data Science and AI Weekly. Listen to this episode to learn of all tips and tricks that you need to build a Top-notch Data Science Resume in 2020! The podcast is hosted by Manav, Chief Data Science Mentor at International School of AI and Data Science.


[00:05] Topic of Discussion: How to build a Top-notch Data Science Resume in 2020? 
[00:37] Why is a good Data Science resume important?
[01:27] Tip #1: How to highlight your work ex?
[02:17] Tip #2: Data Science Projects
[03:29] Tip #3: How to format your Data Science resume?
[05:03] Tip #4: How to discuss algorithms in your resume?
[05:30] Tip #5: The final check!
[06:04] Wrap up!
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Have you been thinking about making a Data Science resume?

If yes, listen to this episode because this episode will demystify for you what it takes to build a top-notch Data Science resume.

Hi everyone, welcome to another Episode 9 of Data Science & AI Weekly. My name is Manav, I’m your host for this podcast. In this podcast, we have a very interesting topic, how to build a top-notch Data Science resume in 2020.

So let’s first of all talk about why a resume is important and as you look forward to make a transition into Data Science roles, how important it is for you, right, especially if you are an IT professional think of resume as a teaser for a movie before you go for an interview or interview is an actual movie that you see right? Similarly, a resume is a teaser so you as a Data Scientist/ a prospective Data Scientist what you need to do is you need to make this teaser as interesting as possible. And when I see a lot of these Data Science resumes or that I evaluate, what I see is that most of these resumes are plain dry, they are not either interesting, or they don’t even have some of the basics that need to be taken care of. Right?

So let me just give you 5 quick tips to ensure that you are able to make a top-notch Data Science resume. Right. So first tip I have is if you have work experience, and if you’re already working in some other profile in the IT industry, let’s say testing, let’s say Java, let’s say SAP, let’s say some other Oh, so the first mistake that you would want to avoid is don’t write a lot about your current role. So what I’ve seen is a lot of time people are applying for Data Science roles, and they are writing everything about their current roles, which has nothing to do with Data Science.

So you would want to talk about your current role, but you would want to focus on the Data Science aspect and highlight some of the Data Science things or small Data Science things that you have done in your current role. So that the recruiter is able to credibly see that you have some background in this, right?

Number 2 quick tip that I have for building a top-notch resume a is ensure that you are putting the top-notch projects that you’ve worked in Data Science on your resume, I come across a lot of resumes, which do not even mention the projects or the portfolio of all the candidates. So how I am, as a recruiter, supposed to know that you have actually done some great work that is not through your resume but through your portfolio.

So do include a link to your portfolio. It can be a GitHub profile, it can be the link to a website where you have hosted all of the projects that you’re working on. Essentially you want to demonstrate that you have done some good projects and please ensure that you are not putting some of the most basic projects like Titanic data set or Iris data sets, right, so those data sets will end up doing you more harm than good because as a prospective employer or recruiter, I know that you are a very basic level data scientists or aspirant if you are putting those projects. So you want to put some really kick-ass projects there. So projects are something that is extremely important to build a top-notch resume.

So the third important part is the formatting of the resume. A lot of resume is especially of IT professionals, I have seen that they are not formatted. Well, half of the time, you’re not able to see when did the candidate start their job, leave their job, what designation they were in, so follow a standard template and you’d be able to see some of these templates on our website as well. So you might want to download these templates from our websites. You may stand apart, you don’t want to look like one of those resumes where the candidate is talking about everything under the sun. Still, that employer or recruiter is not clear about what the resume is talking about. Right? So formatting is extremely important. And that’s my 3rd quick tip to build a top-notch resume for tip that I have for building a top-notch resume for Data Science is to ensure that you’re not just putting the buzzwords one of the mistakes that candidates applying for Data Science tools do is that they end up writing the names of all of the algorithms Machine Learning algorithm, right from linear regression to logistic regression as a recruiter that does not tell me about the kind of work that you have done it just you have written just random algorithms.

So what you would want to focus on is you would want to focus on how have you used these algorithms or how have you used these algorithms in the projects that you have done?

So, the 4th point is mention projects in which you have used these algorithms. So point number two was mentioning giving the link to your GitHub profile of portfolio. But point number four is if you want to mention the project, say face detection algorithm that you have worked on a model you have worked on, you would want to write how you build that instead of just writing Machine Learning algorithms. And fifth quick tip is have your resume a vetted by an expert, right? It’s very easy, a lot of time for us to make some mistakes that we might overlook. And if an expert is looking at your resume and is giving feedback, you might be able to kind of quickly correct those mistakes and ensure that you are doing all the right things in your resume. So that you start resuming starts getting shortlisted everywhere. So what you would want to do is talk to an expert tell them what your objective is. Tell them the role that you’re applying for and take some quick feedback about your resume. Right. So, those are my 5 quick tips for making a great resume for Data Science in 2020. Which one of these tips did you like the most? Do let me know your feedback in the comments section.

If you want to check out other videos in this series, go to our playlist The link is also there in the description. And if you want us to cover a particular topic about Data Science and AI, just let us know we would come out with a podcast on that topic also very soon. So let us know your feedback about episode 9 of Data Science and AI Weekly. Thank you very much for watching!


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