Data Science Vs. Machine Learning Vs. Artificial Intelligence | Ep #26

Episode 26

What is the difference between Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence?

Join Manav in Episode 26 of Data Science & AI Weekly to find out!


[00:03] Topic of Discussion: Data Science Vs. Machine Learning Vs. Artificial Intelligence
[00:12] Podcast Series Introduction
[00:50] How does Machine Learning fit into Data Science?
[01:22] Scope of Data Science
[01:48] ML Vs. AI
[01:53] What is Deep Learning?
[02:35] Scope of AI
[03:49] Episode Recap
[04:03] Wrap Up!
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Data Science versus Machine Learning versus Artificial Intelligence, what is the difference?

Welcome, everyone to another episode of Data Science and AI Weekly. This is Episode 26 and I am your host for this podcast. My name is Manav. And what I’ll be covering in this podcast is something that a lot of us have questions about, and especially newbies have this question. What is the difference between Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

Are they different? Are they similar? Let’s jump into this podcast now. So the first thing to remember is Machine Learning is a subset of Data Science. So think of Data Science as a bigger ecosystem. It’s a field and in that ecosystem, Machine Learning is a concept.

Now, what you do in Machine Learning as you try to build Machine Learning models you have algorithms. So Machine Learning is a part of the entire Data Science as a field.

And Data Science, however, has Machine Learning. It also has data analysis, it has asking business questions, it has many of the data cleaning also as, as different pieces.

So Machine Learning is one of the many pieces of Data Science as a field, right? So that’s the difference between these two things, too. To become a Data Scientist, you need to know Machine Learning to good extent, but you don’t necessarily need to be an expert. Right?

Now, the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is Artificial Intelligence uses a subfield of Machine Learning called Deep Learning.

Now, what is Deep Learning?

It is nothing but a fancy term for neural networks, which is making machines think like your brain. So neural networks are making machines think like neurons in our brains. And that’s what Deep Learning is.

So, Artificial Intelligence uses part of Machine Learning. So part of Machine Learning called Deep Learning, and you use Machine Learning in Artificial Intelligence but not fully. Now, if you use only a subpart of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, what does Artificial Intelligence comprise of?

So AI or Artificial Intelligence comprises of many fields like Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Robotics, etc, etc. So, these are the various fields and field components or parts of Artificial Intelligence and as you would see, Machine Learning is a part of this.

So Machine Learning is that area that is used both in Data Science when you want to solve business problems and you want to extract business value and it is used in Artificial Intelligence when you are trying to create products that mimic human being, so it totally depends on the application whether it is the business application of Data Science and for making machines think like human beings behave like human beings, which becomes Artificial Intelligence.

I hope through this video now you will be more clear between the difference between Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and I hope you would also remember some of these examples that I just shared in this video.

Let me know if you found this episode helpful.

These are some of the very basic questions I know but these are the exact questions that people get often confused about and you don’t want to be one of those. Right. So thank you for watching this episode. I’ve been reading each one of your comments and I look forward to seeing your comments in this video as well. So thank you for watching.

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