Top 4 Data Science blogs you should follow in 2020 | Ep #14

Episode 14: Top 4 Data Science blogs you should follow in 2020

Welcome to Episode 14 of Data Science & AI Weekly. This podcast focuses on the Top 4 Data Science blogs you should follow in 2020. Check out this episode find out Manav’s top pick of blogs for 2020.



[00:13] Series Recap
[00:29] Topic of Discussion: Top 4 Data Science blogs you should follow in 2020
[01:09] Blog Recommendation #1: TowardsDataScience
[01:51] Blog Recommendation #2: KDNuggets
[02:51] Blog Recommendation #3: Analytics Vidhya
[03:35] Blog Recommendation #4: Data Science Central
[04:20] Welcome to the INSAID blog!
[04:53] How will Quora help you?
[06:16] Wrap up!
[06:55] Learn more about Data Science at

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Welcome everyone to Data Science and AI Weekly. 

My name is Manav, I’m the Chief Data Science mentor at International School of AI and Data Science. This is Episode 14 of Data Science and AI Weekly, we have come a long way now 13 episodes behind us. And if you want to see what these amazing episodes of this podcast series have been go to the description and you will be able to see the playlist and tune into the episode that you think that you would want to tune into after this episode.

So in this episode, I have picked up a topic that I have been receiving a lot of requests for that I should cover this, which is tough for blogs that I follow to keep myself updated with the Data Science and AI world. Right. So this is an amazing question because one of the things that I recommend my students is that you need to be updated with what is happening in this world. So think of it this way that if you’re getting into an area you don’t want to just learn the technical concepts, but also keep on learning about what is happening and get different views and opinions and perspectives.

So the top 4 blogs that I follow is number 1 towardsDataScience. It’s a Medium blog, different people contribute to this blog, but it’s fantastic. Sometimes you might feel a little overwhelmed seeing the amount of information there, because it can get a little technical. But if you’re getting started in this field, I would sincerely request you to explore more and see the topics that you will be able to connect with at this moment. You don’t have to go to the most difficult blog post there but do follow this blog. It’s fantastic. And trust me if there is one blog that I would recommend that you should read as much as possible that has to be towards Data Science.

So after towardsDataScience, which is my first recommendation. The second recommendation is KD Nuggets. KD Nuggets is fantastic. It’s been there for a Long, long time and it’s been one of the early pioneers in Data Science information world. And you will see almost every kind of topic on KD Nuggets whether it is Machine Learning algorithms, simplification of some topics, tools, rankings of Python versus R versus other tools as well in Data Science world. This is a blog that you should follow if you are serious about getting into Data Science because it will give you tons of quick information that you will come handy and tomorrow if you get stuck any way you also know that way to refer to in KD Nuggets which article to visit, I would recommend you to start following and get that going to be extremely helpful. So these are the two top blogs.

Now let’s move to the third blog or website that I would recommend you. The third website would be Analytics Vidhya, it is fantastic. It is something that I recommend people to read. It has amazing articles and those articles are segregated by category. So you would be able to read articles on analytics on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, deep learning as well. Some of the articles there are like towardsDataScience can get a little too technical. And lately, what I have seen is that they have been doing a lot of blogs on deep learning and AI, which intimidates a lot of beginners. But anyway, it’s a fantastic platform that you should visit whenever you get time, and something that I would recommend everyone to follow.

Now, the last website is something that I used to follow a lot earlier. Now I don’t do that often. But again, it’s fantastic, which is Data Science Central. Data Science Central is fantastic. It’s great in the sense that you have forum discussions, plus you have a lot of fantastic articles as well. There’s a lot of content there. So do visit that and do keep it your ”to read” topic website lists, in case you find that you run out of content to read from the top three resources that I have just mentioned. Right?

So these are the top four recommendations that I have. Now there are two bonus recommendations that I have. One is our blog, which is the INSAID blog itself, we have a fantastic blog. And what we try to do in these blogs is cover things in the most simple way possible, there are categories, you’ll be able to see these categories on the blog section itself. Plus, this podcast is also available on our blog.

So you might want to read the entire podcast series on the blog as well. So read our blog, that’s fantastic as well to stay on top of what’s happening in this space. And the last platform which is my personal favorite platform amongst all of this is Quora. Nothing beats reading real-world answers from real-world Data Scientists working in real-world companies. And you will not find this in any of the platforms that I’ve just mentioned in a more engaging way then it is available on Quora. So follow topics like Data Science, follow topics like Machine Learning, artificial intelligence, and your feed will start getting populated with questions that have been answered. And in fact, one of the earliest thing that I started doing when I was getting started in this field in 2014, and possibly I’ll talk about how I got started in this field in another podcast is that I started following Quora.

And the good thing about Quora is they have an app if you are commuting, if you are in office, if you are anywhere else, just open that up and you will be able to see some new interesting questions that you might definitely want to read answers of so Quora is my personal favorite out of all of this, it’s not a blog, and it has not focused only on Data Science. That’s why I did not keep it in the top four. But it’s my personal favorite because of the kind of engaging answers that you get. And I personally learned a lot from Quora. Right.

So those are my recommendations for top blogs to follow. I gave you four top websites and the two bonus websites and blogs that you should follow. If you love Episode 14 of this series, let me know your comments. What do you think about this particular episode today in the comment section? Thank you for tuning in to Episode 14 of Data Science and AI Weekly.

My name is Manav. I’m signing off. Look forward to seeing you in another episode and if you want me to make a podcast on a topic that you think I should be making a topic on that concerns you. Let me know in the comments section. I’ll be happy to pick up in another episode. See you!


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