Top Machine Learning & Data Science podcasts that every Data Scientist should follow!

Over the past few years, Machine Learning and Data Science have grown rapidly. It is no longer the stuff of future. We are living with it, by it, through it, at this very moment.

From your smartphone’s personal assistant to loads of emails you get in your inbox, our interaction with the machine learning technology has become more far-ranging than ever before.

If you want to stay abreast of the advancements & developments in machine learning and data science you would want to know what are some of the podcasts that you should follow.

In this article, we will talk about 15 podcasts that offer varied perspectives regarding recent developments in the machine learning and data science world.

These podcasts are incredibly insightful and entertaining.

Here are some of the best machine learning and data science podcasts you should listen to online.

Side note: These podcasts are not in any order of preference. All of them are unique and serve varied purposes.

Top 15 Machine Learning & Data Science Podcasts

Here are the top 15 machine learning and data science podcasts you should listen to on your data science journey.

1. The AI Podcasts by Nvidia 

Nvidia has created a great podcast series, meant to answer the most frequently asked technical questions by data scientists. Hosted by Michael Copeland, a journalist based in Silicon Valley, this podcast is particularly meant for data scientists and Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts to deepen their technical knowledge.

Why we recommend this: podcast regularly features interviews with top thought leaders in  data science industry, including Jim Burke, founder of the Power Racing series, and Jason Cohen, CEO of Analytical Flavor System.

2. The O’Reilly Data Show and Bots Podcast

The O’Reilly Data Show is a sophisticated and technical podcast that features Ben Lorica, the Chief Data Scientist of O’Reilly media. The topics they discuss in this podcast are far-ranging and highly specific.

The Bots Podcast hosted by Jon Bruner and Pete Skomoroch specifically focus on the bots and messaging wing of the machine learning technology. 

Why we recommend this: These two are podcasts for the experts in the domain. It is worth a listen if you want to remain updated with the key trends and developments in the Bot department and the Data Science world.

3. Data Skeptic

This is one of the longest-running Data Science podcasts. Hosted by Kyle and Linda Polich, this podcast aims to explore the unchartered territories of the Data science world. Full of quirky insights, a wide range of topics, and expert opinions, this podcast provides a comprehensive look at the developments and trends in data science.

Why we recommend this: As the name suggests, they take a skeptic’s view on the topics, negating the existence of hype or subjectivity. This podcast is meant explicitly for beginners who are looking to start from the very foundation of Data science.

4. Concerning AI

Concerning AI takes a very special look at the world of Artificial Intelligence. Unlike most other podcasts, this one is not highly technical. Instead, it explores the visceral and philosophical implications of AI in the contemporary society, and how it is going to pan out in the future. Hosts Ted Sarvata and Brandon Sanders quite imaginatively explore the possibilities of how AI can impact our future.

Why we recommend this: This podcast has drama, as well as horror. Highly recommended for people who are looking to expand their mindset on the topic of Artificial Intelligence.

5. Linear Digressions

Hosted by Kathie Malone, the expert, and Ben Jaffe, the entertainer, this duo comprehensively discuss both machine learning and data science. If you are new to the world of Data Science, this podcast can be highly enlightening. They discuss algorithms and key concepts of Machine Learning and Data Science in a way that can be easily understood by everyone.

Why we recommend this: The podcast is easily accessible, insightful, and comes with a splash of color.

6. Talking Machines

Talking Machines is a quality show that includes segments ranging from technical explanations, question and answer sessions, and guest interviews.

Why we recommend this: The unique quality of this podcast is that the storytelling abilities of Katherine Gorman and technical expertise of Ryan Adams come together brilliantly to render an insightful and entertaining podcast.

7. Learning Machines

Learning Machines efficiently introduces fundamental machine learning concepts and then digs in deeper examinations of the technical topics at the same time.  

Why we recommend this: This one is for anyone who is curious about the world of machine learning. Whether it is a complete novice or a field expert, everyone can learn something from this podcast.

8. AI in industry with Dan Faggella 

The CEO and Founder of one of the top-rated market research and consulting firm in Artificial Intelligence, (Tech Emergence,) Dan Faggella has created this podcast. The podcast’s aim is to introduce complex concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to the general public which means that this is a simple podcast that deals with complex ideas.

Why we recommend this: This podcast is perfect for business executives and leaders to get a sense of the machine learning world.

9. Data Stories

Data stories is a precisely focused podcast aimed at Data Visualization. Hosts Enrico Bertini and  Moritz Stefaner cover a wide range of data topics with their expert guests.

Why we recommend this: This podcast does a great job at coherently merging the concepts of data visualization and data science. Needless to say, if you are a data visualizer, this podcast is SPECIFICALLY meant for you.

10. This week in Machine Learning and AI

As the name aptly suggests, this podcast deals with the timely news of key developments and emerging trends in the world of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The topics discussed in this podcast range from cybersecurity to audio AI.

Why we recommend this: If there was one news podcast that you must listen to for Machine Learning and AI — this is it.

11. IBM Analytics Insights

IBM Analytics Insights is a highly technical podcast. The language in which the hosts and guests converse in might be too technical for the novice audiences. However, if you are an expert yourself, you can find this podcast deeply insightful. From analytical insights to first-hand stories by esteemed experts of the domain, this podcast has everything an expert looks for in the Machine Learning podcasts.

Why we recommend this: Some of the best episodes in this podcast included topics, such as ways to solve the cybercrime using cognitive computing, and the implications of video analytics in our society.

12. Obsessive Compulsive Data Quality Radio

This podcast is addictive if you are a data nerd. The podcast ranges from everything from metadata to International quality data. This is a vendor-neutral podcast that features special guests who engage in easily understandable conversations about data in general. They pick up topics like Data Governance or Business Intelligence and cover everything they possibly can about the topic.

Why we recommend this: This podcast is the go-to option for businesspeople looking to understand data and its facets.

13. Data Crunch

Data Crunch is produced by Vault Analytics and has one of the best production qualities amongst all the podcasts mentioned in the list. Hosted by Ginette and Curtis, this podcast takes a journalistic approach to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Why we recommend this: The stories they chose to tell in this podcast are profound and personal, thereby, finding a universal way to talk about niche topics.

14. Raw Data

Raw Data, very much like Data crunch, takes a non-technical view of Data Science and Machine Learning. The hosts, Mike Osborne and Leslie Chang, pick up interesting, technical topics and talk about how it will impact the society.

Why we recommend this: The topics covered in this podcast are far-ranging. So far, their topics have ranged from Bitcoin to Online Dating.

15. What’s The Point?

This one is another non-technical podcast that is profoundly deep and insightful. The podcast is produced by the polling aggregation website FiveThirtyEight.

Why we recommend this: They primarily focus on topics related to politics and business, and how Data Science is affecting all of it. Hosted by the wonderful, Jody Avirgan, this is one really engaging piece!

Think we might have missed out on other interesting podcasts?

Let us know in the comments below.

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