Top 5 Product Management Podcasts You Should Listen to

Are you a budding Product Manager wondering how to stay informed ? A fantastic way to get insights on Product Management directly from the experts are podcasts. Through Product Management podcasts you can stay updated with the latest Product Management trends and learn the concepts. 

We have listed the top 5 Product Management Podcasts you need to listen to if you are beginning or upskilling your career in Product Management. 

Why listen to Podcasts on Product Management ?
Product Management is a relatively new area and has fewer schools dedicated to it. While books on Product Management are a great source of knowledge but for those short on time, podcasts are a real timesaver. In addition to beginners, experienced Product Managers too can learn from the best by listening to Product Management podcasts. Without much ado, let’s get started with the list of best podcasts on Product Management you must listen to

Top 5 Product Management Podcasts

1. Masters of Scale

About the Product Management Podcast

This podcast is focused on inviting guests to share their insights on building their businesses and scaling them. These guests range from CEOs of Nike, Starbucks, Slack, Netflix, to many celebrity personalities like A-Rod, Bill Gates, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Ray Dalio. 

Why do we recommend this Podcast?

Reid’s depth of conceptual and applied knowledge on scaling a business is useful for PMs who often find themselves putting out fires everywhere in a company. Masters of Scale can offer insight into everything including leadership, entrepreneurship, strategy, fundraising, management, and more depending on your needs. Go listen to this podcast here!

2. The Product Podcast

This podcast by the Product School has over 300+ episodes. It features various PMs from top companies like Spotify, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Uber, and countless other tech companies.

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About the Podcast

This podcast is structured on interviewing specific details of the PM’s daily tasks, responsibilities, and duties. It also delves into the path to becoming a successful product manager and analyzing new trends. You can find interviews with tons of product managers, VP of Products, Director of Product, and leaders of the product management world.

Why do we recommend this?

The Product Podcast offers a fresh perspective on the best practices around product management for all types of working professionals. Whether you are a product manager, marketer, entrepreneur, or designer, this podcast offers a great opportunity to learn how different Product Management can be for various industries and organizations. 

You can now get insights into what companies do differently to stand out, and become more efficient by listening to this podcast. Listen to The Product Podcast here!

3.  Product Love Podcast

Product Love is the name of a podcast initiative by ProductCraft, ‘a destination editorial site designed to share insights by and for product leaders’. It is hosted by Eric Boduch who is also the co-founder of Pendo. ProductCraft claims to be the largest product people community in the world with over 15,000 members and counting. 

About the Podcast

This podcast delivers new content every day on user feedback and roadmap prioritization in Product Management. It also offers new perspectives on working with the product and design.

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Why do we recommend this?

Both new and long-time practitioners in Product Management will find value in this podcast. It offers information on product management topics like technical skills, soft skills, product analytics, leading through influence, and an advanced look at how to handle board meetings. To listen to this podcast click here!

4. 100 Product Managers

The motto of this podcast is – “There’s no right path to becoming a product manager, only the path you take.” Named one of the 30 best podcasts for entrepreneurs in the world, the mission of 100 Product Managers is exactly as the name suggests- to interview one hundred active product managers in Los Angeles from startups and enterprises. 

About this Podcast

 Suzanne Abate, the founder of this podcast is a leading advocate, educator, and consultant on expert product management. As the Founder and CPO for 100 PM, she is determined to expand approaches, accessibility, and most importantly conversations in tech and business, making the field more accessible, and gender diverse.

Who is this Podcast for?

As each episode of this podcast features a different product manager from various industries this podcast will offer you a range of expertise in different areas. The idea is to talk about different Product Management topics with product experts from different companies which will suit the needs of product managers aspiring or working in different fields. You can find the podcast here!

5. Build with Maggie Crowley

If you are an aspiring product manager from a different background and need information on how to change your career path, this Podcast is for you. The one thing that makes this podcast special is that Maggie is a former Olympian who became a successful product leader. She has an MBA from Harvard and shares insights on how to build a career in Product Management. Maggie is also a great example of how women in Product Management can be successful.

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About the Podcast

This Podcast ranges anywhere from 5 minutes to 35 minutes and offers easy to grasp concepts. This makes it extremely practical as you come to know some great tips that you can apply to your work as a PM.

Why do we recommend this Podcast?

This podcast offers a fresh perspective on how to become a successful PM if you are from outside the field. Maggie also lays a strong focus on storytelling and bringing colleagues from diverse gender and ethnicity for interviews around Product management topics. This podcast is useful to everyone on their way to claiming success in Product Management. Listen to Build here!

We hope you found this blog on the top 5 Product Management Podcasts useful. You can start off by choosing any one or two of these podcasts according to your needs and dig in deep to get the comprehensive knowledge of Product Management.

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