Top 5 Newsletters Every Product Manager Should Subscribe to

Are you interested in Product Management and wondering how to stay informed? Or a Product Manager who wants to upskill and stay up to date with the latest trends in the field? 

There are hundreds of newsletters available on Product Management. The current challenge for an aspiring Product Manager isn’t how to find information, it’s how to find the relevant information. 

We have prepared a list of the top 5 newsletters in the business that have changed the Product Management game. They cover everything related to designing a product, UX updates, and so much more.

Bringing the Donuts

Ken Norton’s, Bringing the Donuts started with a mere anecdote for Berkley’s Haas School of Business and very soon got acclaimed by Inc. Magazine, Product Collective, etc. Called “one of those rare product managers who combine both product vision and a strong technical background” by Jeff Weiner, Executive Chairman of LinkedIn, Norton is not only a product management coach, but also a speaker, and writer. 

About this newsletter 

This newsletter is full of easy-to-read blogs. Norton develops content based on his fourteen years of experience at Google, leading product initiatives for Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Mobile Maps that offer hands-on experience to budding PMs.

Why should you read this newsletter?

Norton packs information in a unique way that offers new perspectives around product management, and how to navigate career paths in it. Another unique aspect of Norton’s newsletter is that he also focuses on the soft skill training of the PMs as a large part of the job is also to communicate with people in order to sell the products. Go check them out here!

 Lenny’s Newsletter

Lenny Rachitsky is one of the most followed newsletters with 60,000+ subscribers from all around the world. It is a weekly advice column about product, growth, working with professionals, and other aspects of work.



About the newsletter


Lenny’s unique technique of delivering complex information in interactive and lucid ways along with spectacular infographics will keep you engaged while helping you learn the technicalities of Product Management. 

Why should you read this newsletter?

This newsletter will help you figure out how to climb up the Product Management ladder and thrive. Everything from pricing your Saas product, to giving you a comprehensive idea of     Product Management, Lenny’s Newsletter is the ultimate pit stop for working professionals who want to transition their careers.  It is also an easy-to-read blog for people starting out in Product Management. You can check them out here!

 The UX Collective

Are you a Product Manager who feels that User experience makes products great and want to be up to date with all that’s new in the field? If yes, here’s a newsletter that we highly recommend

The UX Collective is the go-to newsletter if you want to become a PM with great aesthetic sense. Believing that Product Managers are both thinkers as creators, the UX Collective is an ad-free, weekly newsletter with the vision of helping you become better at product design, a skill important for PMs.

About the Newsletter 

This newsletter will offer you insights on product design in a short and concise manner. This focused information will help you save time on skimming through unnecessary content and maximize your knowledge on designing. Sounds interesting? Go check them out here

Why should you read it?

UX Design is an important skill for everyone in creating digital products, especially Product Managers. UX Collective provides inspiration, and ideas in such a simple way that it doesn’t matter if you’re hearing the term ‘UX’ for the first time. This newsletter will provide you with the knowledge you need to design good products. 

Product Managers at Work by Alexis and Adrienne

Alexis and Adrienne are former Product Managers of Facebook, Tesla, and Google. They share their experiences of working at these top companies in Silicon Valley and the best practices they’ve picked over the years.

About the newsletter

This newsletter provides a bird-eye view of Product management offering a wide variety of areas to investigate and be informed about in PM. It offers insights into the thought processes of these amazing practitioners-Alexis and Adrienne. It covers how they launched products in the middle of a crisis, scaled their growth teams, climbed to the top of Google search results, and how they emerged anew.

Why should you read this newsletter?

If you are curious about the day-to-day responsibilities of a PM, this newsletter is for you. It offers many blogs about the reality of PM, both good and bad. The blogs are short, easy-to-digest, and not time taking which is perfect for working professionals with hectic schedules. Find them here!

 Mind the Product

The headline of Mind the Product is- “Mind the Product is the world’s largest community of passionate product people –run by product people, for product people, and united by a mission to push our craft forward together.” This international product management community will keep you engaged with their wide variety of content on Product Management.

About the Newsletter

If you are a budding PM who wants an overall understanding of Product Management, this newsletter is for you. With over 150,000 members, Mind the Product has reached a new height of expertise in Product Management offering community, membership, content, events, training, and more. Along with blogs, Mind the Product also offers Podcasts and job opportunities to aspiring PMs. 

Why should you read this newsletter?

This newsletter has a range of product management-related topics to offer. For example- how to manage diverse product teams, specific product business models, and their advantages and disadvantages. Their content is a great blend of highly conceptual topics and deeply applied guidelines that help you navigate how to deal with the ‘how-to’ aspect of Product Management. Click here to find them!

So, to sum up, these are the 5 most popular and lucrative newsletters on Product Management. We recommend you dive in deep with a few of these to deepen your understanding of what is product management all about and stay up to date on the changing trends in the field of product management. 

We hope this offers you a good starting point in the field of product management. For more details on Top 5 Podcasts to listen to on Product Management click here!


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