Top 25 Uber Product Manager Interview Questions

Top 25 Uber Product Manager Interview Questions

In the past decade, Uber has transformed the way we commute. Today, the ridesharing app is one of the world’s most valued startups. But do you know why Uber is dominating the travel industry? Because it has a great product and amazing Product Managers that make it happen. 

So, if you too want to work on world-changing products then Uber is the place for you. Along with the opportunity to create disruptive products, Uber Product Managers are also entitled to amazing perks and benefits.

Isn’t that every Product Manager’s dream?

But landing a PM role at Uber is no child’s play. The selection process is highly competitive, and you need extensive preparation. The best way to prepare and crack an Uber Product Manager interview is to practice. In this blog, we have curated the list of the top 25 Product Management interview questions asked at Uber in the past. These questions will help you practice and crack the Uber Product Manager interview. 

This blog is a part of our interview questions series for top product companies. Earlier we shared with you articles on Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon PM interview questions.

Uber Product Manager Job Description

Before we start practicing Uber Product Manager interview questions, let’s get an idea of what the company looks for in a Product Manager. 

While the responsibilities vary according to the domain and product, this will give you a brief overview of the role. Here’s a snapshot of the requirements and responsibilities of a Product Manager, Uber for Business


Top 25 Uber Product Manager Interview Questions

Photo: Uber Careers

25 Uber Product Manager Interview Questions 

The following list contains a mix of analytical, technical product launch, guesstimate, operations, and product design questions asked at Uber PM interviews. 

Let’s get started

  1. As a Product Manager, how would you increase the revenue of Uber Eats?
  2. How will you improve the Uber app?
  3. How will you measure the success of Uber Eats?
  4. How would you improve customer satisfaction at Uber Eats?
  5. You are a Product Manager at Uber. How would you get more people to use Uber?
  6. What metric will you use to measure the success of Uber Rides?
  7. Uber pickups at the airport have dropped by 15%. What will you do?
  8. How will you get more drivers to sign up at Uber Rides?
  9. Devise a strategy to launch Uber Eats in a new city
  10. Design a referral system for Uber Rides
  11. How would you improve Uber freight?
  12. How would you go about launching Uber Freight in India?
  13. Guesstimate the number of drivers Uber has in Mumbai
  14. Share a strategy to redesign Uber Pay
  15. How would you design an Uber app for the blind?
  16. As a Product Manager, how would you handle a rise in ride cancellations?
  17. Design a feature to allow drivers to accept ride requests in advance
  18. How would you decide the price of an Uber pass in a new Indian city?
  19. Which is your favourite Uber feature? How would you improve it?
  20. How would you decide if Uber Eats delivery fee should be increased or not?
  21. What metrics would you use to measure the success of Uber Pay?
  22. Should Uber launch Transit in India?
  23. How would you go about redesigning an Uber Pass?
  24. Design a feature of contactless delivery for UberEats.
  25. How would you improve the default location feature at Uber Rides?

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We hope you found these Uber PM interview questions useful. Share your answers to these questions in the comments below. 

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