Top 10 Companies In India Where You Can Land An Analytics Job

As the quantum of data grows at a breathtaking pace with every second that passes, businesses all across the globe look for ways to deep-dive into this pile and extract information that will make or break their companies. This is, consequently, directly impacting the demand for skilled data scientists across the world.

The fastest-growing roles in this field are Data Scientists and Advanced Analysts, which are projected to see a demand spike of 28% by 2020. Take a look at this infographic, and believe it for yourself!

If you’re looking to build your career in Big Data, we’re here to help you keep an eye on the top companies where you can land a job in Data Analytics.

Deloitte Digital

Not many know that the humble beginnings of Deloitte lie in 1893, when two men Haskins and Sells were hired by the US government to transform how it did business. Their hard work ended up saving the government over $600,000 every year (we don’t even want to calculate its present value!). This is when they opened accounting offices in New York, and have pioneered the growth of the accounting profession throughout the world.

While an accounting and financial advisory services at heard, Deloitte stayed on top of this emerging trend by setting up its analytics branch Deloitte Analytics.

Through this arm, Deloitte helps organizations with storing, analyzing, and protecting their data. Deloitte also provides Big Data services like Consulting and Education Services. Its products like Isilon, ECS, Boomi, and PowerEdge for Hadoop help organizations make more sense of their Big Data.

A number of clients, including Amadeus – a leader in travel technology – and Inovalon, a healthcare technology company, have made use of Deloitte’s Big Data solutions and services to improve their overall customer service.


Infosys is an Indian MNC, a rags-to-riches story that has inspired many an entrepreneur to keep going when the going got tough. It was launched by Narayana Murthy in 1981 with six other colleagues on a mere $250 borrowed from his wife, and is today the second-largest Indian IT company by revenues in 2017 and 596th largest public company in the world.

A bespoke software mammoth serving the largest companies of the world, Infosys set foot in the world of Big Data in 2013 with the launch of its product BigDataEdge. BigDataEdge is a one-stop platform that provides organizations with quick insights into their data, fostering real-time and precise decisions and actions.

Apart from BigDataEdge, Infosys also has a dedicated Big Data and Advanced Analytics service offering that helps organizations use larger and broader data sets that are both structured and unstructured, to answer complex business problems. In terms of Advanced Analytics, Infosys offers a broad set of services including Big Data Strategy, Architectural Strategy, and Advanced Analytics Strategy.


Cognizant is an interesting player in the Technology space, with a focus on Business Software & Services.

The company has grown stupendously in the last five years, from ranking 859th in the Fortune 1000 list in 2008 to ascending 375 places in merely three years and finding a place in the prestigious Fortune 500 ranking.

As the world’s fourth most admired IT services company, it wasn’t going to be long before it capitalized the next big thing in tech: Big Data. The technological services and solutions offered by Cognizant cover Big Data solutions, advanced analytics, business intelligence, and data warehousing. Their dedicated data analytics platform is called the BigDecisions Business Solution, which helps its clients in Business Discovery, Business Reliability, and Business Agility.

Cognizant’s data analytics services domain goes by the name of Analytics and Information Management, where they make use of data generated by their clients to decode customer needs, preferences, sentiments, and grievances—and to create more customized experiences and services with data-driven business decisions.

Analytics and Information Management provides various solutions related to data analytics like Business Solutions, Information Management Solutions, Platform-Based Analytics Solutions, and Advisory Services and Solutions.

Interestingly, they also have a dedicated portal for their employees, a Big Data University, for those who wish to learn or upskill in big data. Anyone can log in with their @cognizant email ID, and start learning!

@Walmart Labs

Many might wonder about this interesting name on our list.

Their motto is: Data today, sales tomorrow. They believe in leveraging technology and insights and looking at how customers shop today to redefine commerce in the future. Walmart claims to study #bigdata to determine what customers need most before they know themselves.

Most of their Analytics works is done in @WalmartLabs India, based in Bengaluru. Their focus is on building platforms and services on the latest technology stack to support e-commerce, as well as business worldwide.

They build compelling products that are scalable, extensible, and yet meet the demanding stringent performance criteria. Their global products include Inventory Management, SamsClub, Returns and Reverse Logistics, Global Supply Chain Tools, and Global Integrated Fulfillment.

Here’s some fun food for thought:

While you’re reading this sentence, Walmart just processed 190 billion rows of data. While reading this one, they’re performing calculations and rendering that data visually. They’ve integrated hundreds of internal and external data objects into our analytics – meaning they can layer in things like weather with product sales status, pricing, inventory and a lot more.

Vodafone Analytics

You’ll always find Vodafone at the forefront of what’s new, whether it’s the very first international roaming call made using their network back in 1991, to the new standards they’ve set in the field of mobile internet access with Vodafone Live! in 2002, to enabling the emerging marketers to move money around using mobile devices – even when they don’t have a bank account. Which is why it comes as no surprises that it ranks fifth by revenue and second in the number of connections among all mobile operator groups globally.

Vodafone uses big data for churn prevention (to retain its 400m customers, and ensure they get the best delivery service possible), convergence enablement (Vodafone covers over 28m households and thousands of businesses – and this is just in Europe), and fraud management to protect revenue and reinvest it for their customers.

Vodafone analytics uses two categories of data broadly: anonymised aggregated location information (which helps them and third-party partners in understanding movement patterns along transport routes and in areas where people congregate) and anonymised demographic data (such as age range of customers, gender, and the type of handsets they use).

They recently set up a big data process analytics team within source-to-pay to focus on business excellence and create the “perfect purchase order”. Their main goal was to quickly determine where inefficiencies and deviations are driving up costs or delivery times.

IBM Analytics

IBM has been leading in terms of technology and innovation since its inception: it deserves the credit for inventing the ATM, the PC, the floppy disk, the hard disk drive, the magnetic stripe card, the relational database, the SQL programming language, the UPC barcode, and dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) – a bragging list anyone would be proud to call their own!

Its analytics branch, IBM Analytics, combines data, analytics, and artificial intelligence to help organizations uncover insights that improve business processes and ideas. It addresses the problems that businesses face while dealing with large datasets.

At its heart is a new 2,000-person consulting organization that helps organisations in not just collecting, storing, and retrieving “Big Data”, but also in gathering insights by bringing an intelligent machine learning tool (once upon a time called “artificial intelligence”) in use, aka, IBM’s super-smart talking computer Watson Analytics.

For example, this army of consultants helped create a new app for a big retailer that predicted which products to stock based on information ranging from tweets to the weather; helped a healthcare organization come up with personalized treatment recommendations for cancer patients; and enabled a school to deliver personalized lesson plans for its students.

IBM says it also plans to train another 25,000 consultants on how to create custom “cognitive computing” apps for businesses this fall.

Their products suite includes IBM Cognos Controller, IBM Db2 on Cloud, IBM Content Foundation, IBM BigIntegrate, IBM Planning Analytics, Cognos Controller, IBM Decision Optimization on cloud, and many more.


Accenture is a professional services and global management consulting company that provides strategy, consulting, technological, digital, and operational services.

Accenture Digital helps organisations turn their Big Data into a data supply chain to gather more actionable insights. Their specific services offer modernising integrated data warehouses and information management that enable moving, managing, and consuming of large volumes of fast-moving structured and unstructured data.

Accenture also provides Analytics as a Service (AaaS) that simplifies business analytics with its cloud-based insights platform. Their platform, named Accenture Insights Platform is fast, flexible, and scalable. It is developed for quick mobilization and gives organizations a complete solution to their business needs, quickly and efficiently.

“Comprised of an integrated suite of leading technologies, consumption-based commercial arrangements, and enterprise support, the platform is a flexible SaaS solution designed to help a range of business users, from the C-suite to data scientists, make data-driven decisions that can solve business issues and create new opportunities,” a spokesperson of company claimed.

The insights platform is used by organizations across the globe. It has especially helped the life sciences and pharmaceutical companies use real-world data analytics solutions in order to design accurate and precise patient programs.


Wipro provides services, solutions, and products in the field of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. Their product, Big Data as a Service, is focused on delivering business outcomes using Big Data. For this, they use industry-focused themes like Business Insights, Future-Ready Enterprises, Hyper-Automation, and Next-Gen Products. These themes are underpinned by robust platforms and services that utilize the best-of-breed Big Data technologies across the data universe.

In 2016, Wipro announced that it has open sourced its big data product, Big Data Ready Enterprise (BDRE), which makes Big Data technology adoption simpler and faster by optimizing Big Data workload under a unified framework. The product takes care of the complete lifecycle of managing data across enterprise data lakes. BDRE is in production with multiple clients and has over 100+ opportunities across numerous verticals. It can be found on GitHub.

Wipro also recently invested $30m in obtaining a minority stake in Opera Solutions, a leading Big Data Science company based out of New Jersey. Opera Solutions has one of private industry’s largest groups of scientists specializing in machine learning.

The company applies its machine learning science to the world’s Big Data flows to extract predictive patterns and signals. It offers a variety of solutions as a service that turn these signals into prescriptive “best actions” that significantly improve front-line productivity and bottom-line growth.

Its solutions include its Consumer Signal Hub™ and related Signal Apps for marketers and SignalSensor™, which extracts threat and other sentiments from the world’s flow of open source online data, as well as other solutions for financial services, capital markets, procurement professionals, and the healthcare industry.

Wipro helps organizations across the globe make use of its Data Analytics platform and services in order to gather actionable insights and provide better customer service. Their client, a global healthcare company, used Wipro’s data analytics to improve reporting efficiency and productivity.

Another client, an online gaming giant, used Wipro’s BDRE to accommodate more than 27k user on their platform while providing a seamless gaming experience!


Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS), a subsidiary of the Tata Group, is an Indian multinational IT service, consulting, and business solutions company. TCS is one of the largest Indian companies by market capitalization ($80 billion) and is placed among the most valuable IT services brands all over the globe.

TCS helps businesses operate smoother with the help of its services like TCS Business Operations Technology Solutions, TCS Insurance Business Operations, TCS Analytics Insights and Services, and more. It also provides data driven services like TCS Data and Analytics Target Operating Model, TCS Active Archive Platform, and TCS Wealth Advisory Solutions.

Here’s an overview of some of their other offerings:

TCS has a separate business unit called DESS (Digital Enterprise Services Solutions) which deals with business technologies. Under the DESS umbrella comes a group called ABIM (Analytics, Big Data, and Information Management) which exclusively deals with Big Data problems and aims to solve the same using Hadoop, Storm, and Spark.

Recently, TCS partnered with Big Data University to provide TCS employees with a curriculum structured to help them master Analytics, Big Data, and Data Science skills. The courses range from Hadoop and Spark basics to advanced analytics courses.  

NelsonHall, in its 2017 NEAT project on Big Data and Analytics, called TCS a leader in big data.

Dominique Raviart, the author of Big Data and Analytics NEAT report 2017, said, “TCS combines several approaches to big data and analytics. They have created a Big Data platform and continue to build vertical use cases to automate delivery, and they are driving a consulting approach to big data and analytics with their Digital Reimagination™ centre in Santa Clara.”

Dell EMC

DELL EMC primarily deals in data storage, virtualization, analytics, information security, cloud computing, and other products and services that help organizations in storing, managing, protecting, and analyzing their data.

EMC Corporation had more than 70,000 employees and was once the world’s largest data-storage systems provider competing against giants like NetApp, IBM, HP Enterprises, and Hitachi Systems.

Apart from storage systems, Dell EMC also provides Big Data services and solutions to organizations. It acquired Greenplum, a Big Data analytics company, in 2010. From 2012, Greenplum’s database management software became known as the Pivotal Greenplum Database, sold through Pivotal Software (Dell EMC’s child organization). Pivotal’s Greenplum database product uses massively parallel processing (MPP) techniques.

As of today, Big Data & Analytics is one of Dell EMC’s key domains. It offers services like Analytics and Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Data Management, Infrastructure, and Data Platforms. Their data-lake is one single platform to capture, store, analyze, protect and manage your data which reduces the need of moving and copying data across silos.


This article makes it clear that if you’re an aspiring data professional with a strong command on today’s technologies, you’ll have numerous wonderful opportunities to choose from.

And if you’re not yet up to speed on these technologies of tomorrow, what are you waiting for? Enroll in one of our courses and start sailing in the ocean of Big Data! We’ve also got you covered for your upcoming interviews, have a look at these must-know questions to ace Big Data interviews.

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