Top 10 Apple Product Manager Interview Questions

Top 10 Apple Product Manager Interview Questions

Hi, I’m a Product Manager at Apple – We know how bad you want to say this. But we also know how difficult it is to crack a PM interview at Apple. But (again)…It’s worth all your effort. 

We don’t need to tell you why a Product Management career at Apple is so great. Therefore, we’ll jump straight to the most important step for building a Product Management career at Apple – Cracking the PM Interview.

Today, we have a list of the top 10 Product Manager interview questions asked at Apple in the past. This list will give you an overview of the type of questions asked at Apple PM interview and help you practice and prepare. 

So, check out the list of Apple Product Manager interview questions below and start your practice today!

Top 10 Apple Product Manager Interview Questions

In a Product Manager interview at Apple, you can be asked anything, from technical to product sense/design questions. In the list below we have included a mix of design, launch, strategy, and analytical questions, to give you an overview. These questions have been shared by past interviewees at Glassdoor. 

Let’s get started

  1. If you had to redesign the Apple App store, how would you go about it?
  2. Design a new Siri.
  3. What metrics would you track to measure the success of iPad Pro?
  4. What feature would you like to be added to the Apple watch?
  5. How do you measure the success of a new feature launched in the Apple App Store?
  6. Which is your favorite Apple product? How would you improve it?
  7. How would you explain how RAM works to a 5-year old?
  8. Launch Apple Watch.
  9. How would you get more people to use Apple Card?
  10. If you were given the authority to eliminate one product from Apple’s portfolio, which would it be?

“Join us. Be you” – that’s all Apple asks for. So, our only tip for you to crack the Apple PM interview is – Be yourself and reflect your experience, problem-solving skills, and leadership qualities in your answers. 


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Hope you liked this blog on Apple Product Manager interview questions. If you are planning to transition to a Product Manager role, you should consider a certification course that will help you learn from industry experts, work on projects, and crack PM interviews. 

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