Top Product Management Blogs to Follow in 2023 Part II

Reading product management blogs from top industry professionals is a great way to stay up to date on new trends, best practices, and strategies, learn from those who actually went to product school, and keep up with any news related to your product.

A quick Google search for the best product management blog provides an overwhelming number of options, so we’ve rounded up our favorites to make life a little easier for you. Don’t forget to bookmark them!

The Top Product Management Blogs to Follow in 2023 Part II

In the Part II of this edition, we bring to you a detailed list of the most popular product management blogs to follow in 2023:

product management blogs

1. The Black Box of Product Management by Brandon Chu

Shining Light on the PM Discipline“—This blog has a great mix of personal and technical content that makes it easy and interesting to read for product managers. 

Brandon looks at the philosophy of product management, advice for running and creating good product teams, and the way a manager should look at product development. He also covers soft skills like prioritization and decision-making when working with a product team.

The Black Box of Product Management by Brandon Chu is a great product management blog full of real stories about success, failure, and continuous discovery. Read the post about “A Bad Product Decision” for some insight into the imperfect world of a product manager. 

2. Roman Pichler by Roman

If you are looking for product management resources, Roman Pichler is one of the best. This website offers everything you could want when it comes to information and resources, and the blog itself is insightful and helpful for those in the field.

 You can find anything you need or want when it comes to product management information, including tips on scrum, product roadmaps, user experience, and product strategy

The easy search tool along with the depth of content is the best part of this blog. Lots to offer and easy to find and use – the perfect combination.


3. Elezea by Rian van der Merve

This blog looks at the whole product management process. It is one of the best product design blogs around. It covers almost everything you can think of, including top trends, best practices, and more, as well as specifics around product design, product development, and new product launches.

The content is light and easy to read, and the relaxed writing style is a great way to learn and enjoy it at the same time.

There are a lot of great thoughts on things like customer research.Product management is all about finding carrots, not sticks,by Elezea is a good article to start with so you can get the gist of the blogs.

4. Product Coalition collated by Jay Stansell

This site pulls in a lot of different blog posts on product management from across the industry and the internet. It is great for finding insights, fostering ongoing learning, and finding the best of all the blogs so you don’t have to go searching for the ones you want.

The fact that Product Coalition has done the research and pulled the best of the best makes life easier for the reader. The best part is the easy access to good articles.

5. Product Lessons by Linda Zhang

This blog focuses on real-world examples and stories to help you accelerate your product career. Each piece can be read in under 5 minutes and promises actionable steps for readers. Linda Zhang was previously promoted to Group PM in 2 years and turned down a Senior PM offer from Instagram to pursue solo entrepreneurship.

There’s a rich archive sorted by category on Product Lesson. Articles like “How to Develop Your Talent Stack” have also influenced how thousands of people think about gaining the confidence and skills to be valued wherever they go.

Good product management blogs and product development websites are really helpful when it comes to staying up-to-date and gaining insight into the industry

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If you’re looking for more reading material, check out our blog page. Happy Reading!

If you have a favorite product management blog that’s not on the list, we’d love to add it. I know there are lots more product people and influencers with blogs out there – let us know in the comments!

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