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Are you ready to revolutionize the world of Human Resources with cutting-edge data-driven insights? Brace yourself for the ultimate HR analytics experience, as IMI, Delhi joins hands with Accredian to launch an exceptional Executive Program in Strategic HR Analytics!

This groundbreaking collaboration brings together the expertise of one of India’s premier business schools, IMI Delhi, and the industry-leading data analytics prowess of Accredian. Together, we’re set to redefine the way HR professionals harness the power of data to make strategic decisions and drive organizational success.

In this high-impact program, you’ll dive into the fascinating world of Strategic HR Analytics, discovering how data-driven approaches can optimize talent acquisition, employee engagement, performance management, and more.

Guided by distinguished faculty and seasoned analytics practitioners, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to shape the future of HR with data-backed strategies.

Step into a world of endless possibilities and elevate your HR career to unprecedented heights.

If you’re passionate about unleashing the true potential of your workforce and enhancing organizational effectiveness, this program is your ticket to success.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to be part of the HR analytics revolution! Join us on this transformative journey at IMI Delhi and Accredian, where innovation meets HR excellence! 

Program Highlights

This program is designed for a diverse range of professionals, talent acquisition professionals, HR consultants, HR heads, HR managers, department heads, L&D professionals, entrepreneurs, HR business partners, and business leaders

  • Certification: Give your resume the IMI edge
  • 6 Months of Comprehensive Learning 
  • Top Faculty: Learn from top Faculty from IMI
  • 80+ Hours: Intensive training
  • BYOP: HR Focussed
  • 4 Career Assistance Sessions
  • Simulated Mock Interviews
  • Get Access to 2023 Interview Resources

Introducing the IMI DELHI Advantage!

Join us for an exhilarating event, BYOP – Bring Your Own HR Product, where you can unleash your creative prowess and conquer HR challenges head-on. Showcase your unique HR solution, collaborate with like-minded innovators, and ignite a revolution in HR practices.

Immerse yourself in the HR Simulation, a one-of-a-kind program experience that lets you solve real-world HR challenges with a dynamic, interactive approach

Collaborate in groups, analyze problems from various HR functions, and gain hands-on experience while developing vital teamwork and problem-solving skills. Deepen your understanding of HR operations and data-driven decision-making in this engaging experience.

Program Syllabus 

The Executive Program in Strategic HR Analytics includes the following modules:

Module 1: Introduction to HR Analytics
  • Topic 1: Basics of People Analytics
  • Topic 2: A) Understanding the Concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & ML                                   B) Introduction to Various Machine Learning Tools
  • Topic 3: Basic Statistics Tools and its Application
  • Topic 4: Identifying Cause-and-Effect Variables
  • Topic 5: Basic Statistical Tools & their Applications
  • Topic 6: Applying Technique Based on Nature of Problems & Variables
  • Topic 7: Human Capital Analytics Continuum
  • Topic 8: Application of AI and ML tools in HR functions
Module 2: HR Metrics & Dashboards Using Excel & Tableau
  • Topic 9: Understanding Descriptive and Diagnostic Analytics
  • Topic 10: Developing Relevant Problem Statement Based on Context
  • Topic 11: Identifying Ways to Measure Various Attributes in HR
  • Topic 12: Developing Various HR Metrics in Different Functions of HR
  • Topic 13: Data Visualization through Dynamic Dashboards in Excel & Tableau
  • Topic 14: Understanding Various Patterns Emerging from Data Visualization
Module 3 – HR Planning and Sourcing Analytics
  • Topic 17: Introduction to Strategic HR Planning
  • Topic 18: Identifying Demand-Supply Gaps & Predicting Future Demands for Workforce
  • Topic 19-20: Workforce Forecasting and Planning
  • Topic 21-22: HR Planning Techniques (Scatter Plots, Trend Analysis, Ratio Analysis. Transition Matrix, and so on)
  • Topic 23: Sourcing Optimization for Hiring
  • Topic 24: Developing Various HR Metrics for Measuring Sourcing Efficiency and Effectiveness
Module 4 – Talent Acquisition Analytics
  • Topic 25: Introduction to Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding
  • Topic 26: Understanding Factors Responsible for Selection of Key Talent
  • Topic 27: Acquisition Efficiency (Time, Volume, and Resources) and Effectiveness (Quality of Hire) Assessment
  • Topic 28: Return on Investment Analysis for New Talents
  • Topic 29-30: Developing Relevant Metrics for Gamification and Predicting Renege Rates.
Module 5 – HR Planning and Sourcing Analytics
  • Topic 31: Introduction to Employee Engagement & Performance Management
  • Topic 32-33: Measuring the Impact of Engagement Initiatives on Performance
  • Topic 34-35: Assessing Key Talents Using Cluster Analysis; Performance and Potential Assessment using Predictive Analytics.
  • Topic 36: Predicting Promotion Likelihood Using Predictive Analytics
Module 6 – Talent Development and Retention Analytics
  • Topic 37: Introduction to Talent Development and Retention Analytics
  • Topic 38: Training Need Analysis Using Descriptive Analytics
  • Topic 39: Measuring Training Effectiveness Using Pre-Post Analysis in Performance
  • Topic 40: Assessing Exit Interviews to Understand Employee’s Concerns Using Text Analytics
  • Topic 41: Analysing Employee Emotions and Mood Using Various Chatbots Through Social Media Analytics
  • Topic 42: Measuring Renege Rate and Attrition Analysis
Module 7 – Compensation and Benefits Analysis
  • Session 43: Understanding Most Effective Benefit Schemes
  • Session 44: Measuring Employee Satisfaction With Rewards Management
  • Session 45: Understanding the Relationship Between Performance and Rewards
  • Session 46: Impact of Monetary and Non-Monetary Rewards on Performance

HR Tools

Module 8 – Ethics and Integrity in HR Analytics
  • Session 47: Understand & Address Ethical Implications While Using HR Analytics Tools
  • Session 48: Data Protection Regulations While Using Personal Data of Employees

Application Process

  1. Apply at
  2. IMI will Review Your Application.
  3. Selected Candidates will receive Admission Letter.
  4. Complete your Enrolment by Paying Program Fee.

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