Product Manager Interview: 20 Product Launch Questions

Product Manager Interview: 20 Product Launch Questions

If you are interviewing for the role of a Product Manager, you must have already prepared common PM interview questions. However, today we have a list of Product Manager interview questions on an often ignored yet very important topic- Product Launch

Product launch is a crucial part of a product’s lifecycle. Recruiters look for Product Managers who can handle any product launch situation effortlessly. 

If your job description includes responsibilities on product launch, then you need to extensively prepare product launch interview questions. And the best way to prepare such questions is practice. 

Below is the list of 20 Product Manager interview questions on product launch which will help you prepare and ace your PM interview. 

20 Product Launch Questions for Product Manager Interview

Let’s get started.

How Would You Launch A Product Questions

  1. Launch Flipkart grocery in a new city.
  2. How would you launch a ride sharing app?
  3. Walk me through the launch of Google maps in a new region. 
  4. If Amazon is entering the smartphone market. How would you launch it?
  5. How would you relaunch Google Lens in India?
  6. Describe a strategy to launch Zomato in South Bombay.
  7. Flipkart wants to penetrate the rural market. What would be your launch strategy? 
  8. How would you launch robotic mobility devices for the disabled?
  9. Launch Amazon Pharmacy in China. 
  10. Launch an app for BigBazaar. 

Testing Your Knowledge Questions

  1. Explain the steps of a new product launch
  2. Explain your strategy to launch a product with a limited budget and time. 
  3. Share an experience where you coordinated with different teams during a Product Launch. 
  4. After a product is launched, how will you measure if the launch was successful?
  5.  How do you decide the price of a newly launched product? 
  6. You realise that you will not be able to meet the product launch deadline. As a Product Manager how will you change your strategy to meet the deadline? 
  7. Describe your strategy to launch a product which has already captured a significant share of the market. 
  8. Swiggy decides to foray into online pharmacy. How would you launch this service? Would you develop a new app or include this feature in the same app? 
  9. What factors will you consider before launching a product in a new city?
  10. You are a Product Manager at How will you go about launching a new feature during the coronavirus pandemic?

Tips to Answer Product Manager Interview Questions on Product Launch

Check some tips to keep in mind when answering a product launch question in a PM interview. 

A) Research the Company

For a product launch question you cannot know exactly what you will be asked. The interviewer can ask you to devise a launch strategy for a product you have minimal idea about. 

The best way to prepare for a “How will you launch this product” question is to thoroughly research the company and study their product launch strategy and goals. 

B) Devise a Framework

It is always a bad idea to answer in a haphazard way. Rather than jumping to the solution, you should first define goals, explain all the aspects and then gradually reach to the solution. 

For answering a product launch question in a PM interview, start with an introduction of the product, tell about the goals and strategy of product launch and end with explaining how the success of product launch will be measured. 

You can define your answer to a product launch question in 3 phases: 

  • Pre Product Launch
  • During Product Launch
  • Post Product Launch

C) Stick to the Basics 

To answer a product launch question you must have your concepts clear. In case of lack of basic understanding, you would fail to answer the “why” in the interview. To crack a Product Manager interview successfully make sure to study Product Management books to get your concepts right. 

You can also use resources such as PM newsletters and podcasts to learn from industry leaders. You can use such resources and experiences of product leaders as examples in your answer, reflecting your interest and knowledge. 

We hope you found this article – Product Manager Interview Questions on Product Launch useful. If you are an aspiring Product Manager, checkout our Product Management Certification course and give your career a kickstart.

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