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What is unique about Zepto? Zepto is the fastest grocery delivery service, and it’s also one of the fastest-growing startups.

It uses the term “Zepto” to denote “a factor of 10⁻²¹, i.e. 0.000000000000000000001,” named after a minuscule unit of time, and offers a 10-minute grocery delivery service, surpassing numerous well-funded competitors. Did you know about this fact?

The Indian grocery delivery business is expected to be worth USD 2.9 billion by 2020 and to grow at a compound annual rate of 37.1 percent from 2021 to 2028

When you order from the Zepto app, you see an expected delivery time and a person allotted for the delivery; that is where the role of a product manager comes to the forefront. You would want to know how long it will take for your groceries to arrive, and the app does that for you.

To know more about the roles and responsibilities of a Product Manager at Zepto, let’s go through the list stated below-

Roles & Responsibilities of a Product Manager at Zepto

  • Drive product strategy and execute the prioritized roadmap for your stream
  • Lead a cross-functional team, partnering with engineering, data, design, and other teams to ship major features and product improvements driving efficiency
  • Define, track and report on the key product, business, and customer metrics
  • Seek product ideas and feedback, gather requirements, write specs, create wireframes and workflows
  • Partner with the design and user research teams to understand customer problems and identify and iterate on solutions
  • Define clear and well-scoped requirements documents that are easily understood by technical and non-technical audiences
  • Work with our data team to understand customer behavior and identify problems and opportunities
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders in support, marketing, business, and operations to develop launch strategy, product messaging, and training.

Requirements for a Product Manager at Zepto

  • BA/BS degree or equivalent practical experience
  • 2+ years of experience working as a product manager, ideally on consumer-facing, large-scale products
  • Independent and curious, you set your own targets, ask for help when you need it and are always looking to learn something new
  • You’re entrepreneurial and are comfortable working in a complex and fast-paced environment
  • Analytical and data-driven, you love digging into the data to understand what’s happening and define & amp; measure success on every project
  • You’re passionate about your customers and always bring questions back to what will serve them best
  • You have experience leading agile product development teams and are always looking for ways to help them be more effective
  • You’re fluent in English and are a confident communicator

Moving forward, let’s glance through the selection procedure for a product manager at Zepto.

Selection Procedure for a Product Manager at Zepto

Zepto’s interview process usually has 2-3 rounds. The most common rounds in the interview process are Resume Shortlist, Aptitude Test, and One-on-one Round.

A) Resume Shortlist

In the resume shortlisting round, they generally shortlist resumes having a prior web or mobile application experience. So, if you have any experience in such fields, you should mention that.

B) Aptitude Test 

The Aptitude Test or the written round consists of 3 or 4 code snippets which you would have to solve in around 45 minutes.

C) One-on-one Round

This round is for understanding your past experience, and how deeply you understand problem-solving, product thinking, business understanding, team spirit, and engineering implementation.

FAQs for a Product Manager Interview at Zepto

We have categorized them into three levels; let’s quickly glance at them.


  • How well do you know Zepto?
  • Why have you applied to Zepto?
  • How would you describe yourself and why do you think that you should be hired by Zepto?
  • In your opinion, what are your top three personal qualities that help you succeed?How do those traits align with Zepto’s values?
  • How’d you structure a product roadmap for Zepto?


  • Do you consider yourself to be a specialist product manager or a generalist?
  • Can you identify some of the key growth areas for Zepto?
  • Would you build a new product at Zepto and why? What market-size do you think this product would have?
  • A problem has arisen with the email sign-up flow. Users are not signing up for a primary service provided by Zepto. What should you do?
  • If you were choosing between setting up an all-in rate versus a separate delivery charge for customers of Zepto, how would you decide?


  • What do you think would be your biggest challenge in the Zepto Product Manager role?
  • What would you like to gain from the position of Product Manager at Zepto – what are some of your key goals?
  • Can you design a new product for Zepto? How would you launch it?
  • What obstacles did you encounter along the way when you brought a product to market or launched a product?
  • What would you do to improve Zepto if you were hired as a Product Manager?

Zepto is now a unicorn in the food tech space, a force to be reckoned with—and the numbers do all the talking.


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Also, Happy Hustling! Happy Zepto-ing!

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