Is Product Management the Right Career Move During a Recession?


Are you looking to break into product management but worried about doing so during a recession? Is product management a recession proof job?

With the right strategies, you can still land your dream job in this field, even during tough economic times.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some tips and real-life examples to help you navigate the job market and set yourself up for success in product management.

So, let’s dive in!

We will provide you with practical advice, real-time examples, and tips on

How to break into product management during a recession

1. Upskill yourself

During a recession, the job market becomes more competitive, and companies become more selective in their hiring processes. Therefore, it is essential to upskill yourself and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge that companies are looking for in their product managers.

This can include skills such as data analysis, project management, and customer research. There are several online courses, certifications, and training programs available that can help you gain the necessary skills and knowledge.

2. Network, Network, Network!

Networking is a crucial aspect of breaking into product management, especially during a recession. Building relationships with product managers, attending industry events, and joining online communities can help you learn about the industry, get advice, and even land your first job.

You can also connect with recruiters and hiring managers on LinkedIn and other platforms to increase your chances of getting noticed.


3. Leverage your previous Experience

Even if you don’t have previous product management experience, you can still leverage your previous work experience to demonstrate your transferable skills.

For example, if you have experience in project management, customer service, or data analysis, highlight how these skills can be applied to product management. Show how your previous experience makes you a valuable asset to a product management team.

4. Create a Portfolio

Creating a portfolio that showcases your skills, experience, and projects is a great way to demonstrate your capabilities as a product manager. Your portfolio can include case studies, project examples, and even a blog where you share your thoughts on product management.

Having a portfolio can set you apart from other candidates and show potential employers that you are serious about pursuing a career in product management.

5. Be Flexible

During a recession, it may be more challenging to land a full-time product management role, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Consider alternative options such as freelance or contract work, which can help you gain valuable experience and build your network.

Being open to different opportunities can increase your chances of landing your dream product management role in the long run.

Real-time examples

A. The rise of Remote work

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many companies to adopt remote work, product management has become even more critical. Companies need product managers who can lead teams remotely, collaborate with stakeholders, and adapt to changing circumstances. Therefore, having experience in remote work can be a valuable asset for breaking into product management during a recession.

B. The growth of E-commerce

E-commerce has grown significantly during the pandemic, and companies are looking for product managers who can help them navigate this changing landscape. If you have experience in e-commerce, such as working for an online retailer, highlight how your experience can help companies adapt to the new normal and drive growth.

One real-time example of breaking into product management during a recession is the story of Andrew Chen. Chen broke into the product management industry during the 2008 financial crisis by volunteering to work for a startup for free. This experience led to a job offer and ultimately a successful career in product management.

Another example is the story of Camille Fournier, who broke into the industry during the 2009 recession by taking on a product management role at a small startup. She leveraged this experience to move on to larger companies and eventually became the Chief Technology Officer of a major tech company.

Breaking into product management during a recession is undoubtedly challenging, but it is not impossible. By upskilling yourself, networking, leveraging your previous experience, creating a portfolio, and being flexible, you can increase your chances of landing your dream product management role.

Remember, perseverance and determination are key to success. With the right attitude and approach, you can break into product management and excel in your career.

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