In talks with Chirag Doshi from Emerson Innovation Center

In this Accredian Spotlight interview, we feature Chirag Doshi, Technical Lead, Emerson Innovation Center, Pune. Chirag wanted to learn and upgrade in Data Science and Machine Learning. So, he enrolled for the Global Certificate in Data Science & AI program at Accredian.

In this interview, he shares his Data Science transition journey and learning experience at Accredian.

Question 1: What is your current profile? Walk us through your career journey & what got you interested in Data Science & ML?

Chirag: I am presently working with Emerson Innovation Center Pune as Technical Lead. I have 15 years of experience in embedded software development. Following my graduation, I joined L&T. For three years, I worked with a team of engineers on development of medical products.

At Emerson Innovation Center, I work on compressor controllers. Over time, I decided to upskill myself with the latest technologies in this field. The products which I have worked on involve a lot of data production. Thereafter, I decided to leverage Data Science and Machine Learning algorithms for predictive maintenance of compressors. In this way, I got interested in Data Science and ML and consequently joined Accredian to transition to Data Science.

Question 2: Which program & batch are you a part of at Accredian?

Chirag: I am a part of the GCDAI program November 2019 batch. I have also upgraded for PGP in Data Science and AI with a fellowship program. 

Question 3: What tools and packages in Data Science & ML have you mastered in your Data Science & AI program at Accredian so far?

Chirag: I would say that I haven’t mastered all tools and packages used in Data Science and Machine Learning. But I have developed a good understanding of using Python packages like NumPy, Pandas Matplotlib, Seabourn and Scikit learn. And have gained confidence in using Tableau for Data Visualization.

Question 4: What challenges did you face in your Data Science journey? How did you overcome them?

Chirag: As I have been doing coding during my entire career I didn’t find any challenge in learning Python but a lot of attention was required in studying and getting an overall understanding of statistics.

Question 5: Who is your favorite faculty at Accredian and what did you learn from him the most?

Chirag: In GCDAI, Suchit trained us in Python and EDA models. While Deepesh and Subhodeep, trained us on Machine Learning and Deep Learning and AI models, respectively.

I would say that I’m lucky to learn from such excellent faculty members. I think Subhodeep has the most difficult task on hand because he has to teach a lot of theoretical concepts with little hands on the page. He made Machine Learning very easy by relating day-to-day use case examples.

But if I have to choose a favorite then would be Suchit as he encourages us to think in different ways and directions while working on problem statements. Also, he shares lots of insights, which are really helpful.

Question 6: What is the goal of Data Science?

Chirag: The goal of Data Science is to transform business data into a value that can help organizations to grow their revenue, reduce cost, capture new opportunities, improve customer experience, and more.

Question 7: Which are some of the Data Science blogs that you follow?

Chirag: I usually follow blogs on Medium on Data Science and Analytics Vidhya. Sometimes, I look up a few videos on YouTube to understand concepts in detail.

Question 8: What advice would you give to a Data Science beginner?

Chirag: As we know data is the new oil. In the coming years, Data Science would find its applications everywhere, irrespective of industry, sector, or job role. Through consistent efforts, it is possible to learn and master Data Science.

Hope you enjoyed reading this interview.  If you want to read more such interesting student stories, check out Accredian Spotlight.

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