INSAID Spotlight | In Conversation With Siboli Mukherjee

Siboli Mukherjee

Current Organization: Vodafone Cellular Services

Experience: 15 years 

GCD August 2018 Student.


In our recent INSAID spotlight edition, we caught up in a real-time conversation with one of our students.

In the following discussion, our academic head Vikas Mehta is in conversation with Siboli who is currently in our GCD Programme and has completed the first term.

Vikas: let’s get started, please tell us about your educational background and your career so far.

Siboli: I have done my engineering in information technology.

In my last semester, I did projects related to bioinformatics and submitted a whitepaper to the Institute of Nanotechnology, Scotland.

The abstract of the paper, titled  ‘DNA based molecular Nanotechnology’, was the detection of cancer cells at the first stage through a Nanotube.

I was the topper of engineering in my university and appeared for GMAT where I scored third highest marks.

I got through Harvard business school but unfortunately, I did not turn up for the college because of some family issue.


To speak of my work experience I joined Max New York Life Insurance in IT domain right after my graduation for a tenure of  two and half month after that I switched to Nokia’s Network Division looking after the network parameters, network quality and installing IBS which is required from Palika Bazaar to five star hotels and hospitals.

I and my team almost installed 150 repeaters. Later  I moved from Delhi to Kolkata and joined Idea cellular LTD in Network Quality department.

There I looked after network performance that is the call drop rate, call success setup rate and the QS parameters that are critical to the quality of services.

At the beginning of 2014, I shifted from a technical to a process background to understand the working of an organization with a holistic approach.

I have worked for Aditya Birla Group in departments like business risk and customer satisfaction but now looking out for new challenges in the corporate world.

Vikas:  What made you curious about Data Science and where did you learn about it in the first place?

Siboli: Being an auditor I have to nurture with data day in and day out.

Everything is based on Data, stronger our data stronger will be our recommendation to the management.

So unless and until I do not understand a raw data well I cannot make algorithms, predictive modeling or a recommendation.

Predictive modeling is crucial because that is how customer lifecycle gets formed, customer usage pattern and churn are all based on just data. It is very important to be in the backbone of the problem which is data.

So that is why I really need to understand Data Science. So that is the whole intention of understanding data and why I joined INSAID.

Vikas: As you mentioned that you came across the need to learn Data Science, what made you decide that INSAID is the right place, given the fact that there are many institutes out there doing a commendable job.

Siboli: Online courses offered by IIT Banglore, IIM Kolkata are dominantly theoretical.

I collected 4-5 datasets and did some research, saw their syllabus, gone through business brio.

Many conduct data science conferences and as I am an active participant I knew what they had to offer.

I did extensive homework and then I joined INSAID.

I had attended Thursday classes where Manav and I talked about Data Science and interacted with Suchit (Chief Data Scientist at INSAID) he explained to us giving an example of a restaurant where the catch hold of restaurants performance was shown in a particular data set, he just dragged down and showed a dashboard showing the preparation of a comprehensive representation.

I was impressed, on the basis of webinars I evaluated that INSAID will give us exposure to industry-led projects and practical applications.

Vikas: Absolutely. So after the extensive research that you have done, I hope INSAID is matching your expectations.

Siboli: Absolutely, incidentally today I wrote in quora some positive feedbacks though I would say it is too early to say much because it has just been over a month now. But within this month we were analyzed on the basis of 2 quizzes and term one project.

Vikas:  I want to understand at a really early stage the same question that I will have later, to demarcate a clear level of understanding of a student. What is your take on data science in your industry and how do you want to apply it?

Siboli:  I am searching raw data and grouping them in data sets.

Being an auditor I check the conformity and nonconformity part which actually is my overall cycle of work.

I am learning EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) and getting raw data from the system and putting it into an easier format using python to understand in a logical manner.

Understanding data at a granular level is the wonder of Data Science.

I am also using python and EDA to understand data in the form of graph and have started asking relevant questions.

Vikas: Thank you Siboli for talking to us, it was really interesting to know about you and here we conclude our session.

Siboli: Thank you.

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