INSAID Spotlight | In Conversation With Ravi Kumar Sahu

Ravi Kumar Sahu

Current Organization: Innoveed systems

Experience: 5 years

GCD August 2018 Student


Are you aspiring to be a data scientist but struggling with where to start? The stories you hear from other aspiring data scientists can make your considerations more reinforcing. For this reason in our recent INSAID spotlight edition, we caught up in a real-time conversation with one of our students.

In the following discussion, our academic head  Vikas Mehta is in conversation with Ravi who is currently in our GCD Programme and has completed the first term.

Vikas: Before we start, please give us a brief about your educational background and experience.

Ravi: I completed my B.E. (bachelor of engineering) in 2011.

After that, I started working in Bangalore specifically in the health-care industry.

Here-after with an experience of two years,  I came back to my hometown in Chhattisgarh where I got the opportunity to work as an android application developer in the same industry.

From 2013 till now I am working in the same company and have worked on server development for android applications.

Vikas: Tell us more about how you got interested in making a career in Data Science?

Ravi: So, in the same company I got the opportunity to work on some interesting Machine Learning projects related to image processing. It was from this point that instilled the desire in me to accomplish something in Machine Learning.

The idea of teaching computers by feeding it data fascinated me.

The project on which I was working was about developing a simple application that required to classify the models for image processing.

One of our client requirement was that we were supposed to create an application which could help identify NSFW (not safe for work) images.

The crux of the application was to identify any such unsuitable image on the user’s phone and notify the user, giving them options for deleting it or using it.

Developing this application had a strong focus on machine learning.

Plus, it is motivating trying to solve a problem you have yourself, and then to getting feedback from your customers.

Vikas: Thanks for sharing all that detail – that’s very interesting! Please continue.

Ravi: That was my first machine learning project and it was working fine which further got me interested to proceed onward in the field. 

I started searching from the core about any good opportunity to learn and explore.

I came across Coursera learning program based on similar lines but there was hardly any learning through that.

Then I came across INSAID.

What made me interested in INSAID was the part where one gets to work on industry-specific projects

along with learning, and as I wanted to accelerate my career and grow exponentially, this looked like a great opportunity. I just started and from that point. It has been a great learning process, to be honest.

Vikas: Indeed! Before we switch gears and talk about INSAID, can you tell me when you decided that Data Science is something you should learn or machine learning is something that excites you?

Ravi: It was the machine learning project for my company I was involved in, that helped me realize that I’m interested in exploring the opportunities in data science.

Vikas:  How long before, INSAID, you were interested to learn data science. The duration is what I ask?

Ravi: Okay, I got it. Like a year ago, I got the project and then I was looking for some good courses. So, right one year.

Vikas: You additionally made reference that you did a few courses previously, so what influenced you to choose INSAID? What made you think you ought to pick a more genuine program, or for what reason did you embrace this program?

Ravi: The major drawback which I found on Coursera learning programme was that the initial lessons itself required a deep level of understanding, it was theoretical with no practical knowledge, and therefore I could not do any better in that course.

Then I learned about INSAID’s syllabus wherein the program starts from the basics in Python paired with Data Visualization.

After all this while I have realized that I’m getting a profound knowledge base through INSAID’s learning programme which will help me get that extra edge over this future-driven technology.

Vikas: You have completed your first term so far. How has it been for you so far?

Ravi: Initially due to lack of practice, I was facing certain issues and got stuck on data visualization but now as the course advances I’m getting comfortable with Python and Data Visualization, as it was resourceful enough that I could contact the academic team through e-mail to resolve my issues.

Vikas:  Yes we are always there to resolve your issues. On that note, I want to conclude our discussion for today.

As I said, it was more about you than about us. later, when you work on some projects, we will have a technical discussion or a deep discussion where we get to the subject. Okay?

Ravi: Yes sure! this course opens up many possibilities for my future growth prospects. I’m currently considering many things. Exciting times ahead!

Vikas:  Thank-you so much for joining us.

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