Accredian Program Highlight: Global Certificate in Product Management

INSAID Program Highlight: Global Certificate in Product Management

Product Management is one of the top job profiles for aspiring individuals in 2022 and has been a growing career option which is bound to thrive exponentially in the coming years as well. 

Did you know that the average salary of a Product Manager professional in India is around INR 16.5 Lakhs per annum? This mostly depends on the industry that one is a part of where the top roles under Product Management are of:

  • Technical Product Managers- 19.4 LPA
  • Healthcare Product Managers- 17.9 LPA
  • Product Managers (Ed-Tech)- 10.3 LPA

We at Accredian aspire learners to take a leap of faith and join our Global Certificate in Product Management program to successfully transition into job roles, aligned with their professional aspirations. 

Our objective is to help individuals climb their future career ladder and transition smoothly into promising job profiles. Get to know about the program details here that will make you realize your own potential and help you take a step towards your long term professional goal.

Our GCPM program is taught by a handpicked team of mentors from different industries, who are masters in their domain. They will provide you insights into the world of Product Management. These experts will also guide you through each step and get you closer to your dream job. 

The program comes with Live Classes, Assignments and Projects to practice. Get your doubts clarified 24/7 with a dedicated team of teaching assistants. And guess what? There are no prerequisites to join our program. People from all walks of life are welcome. No technical knowledge required at all!

Along with our comprehensive curriculum, you have access to and will be able to master a number of product management tools like: 

  • Product Plan
  • Miro
  • Figma
  • Trello
  • Jira, etc.

Do you know why the Global Certificate in Product Management program at Accredian is unique? Because the program’s perks include:

  • Live instructor led trainings 
  • 10 month Weekend classes
  • 50+ projects and guides
  • 100% placements career assistance

Incase you didn’t know, we also provide: 

  • 1:1 Interview practice sessions
  • Career Sessions
  • Job analysis
  • Building resume and Github repository

By the end of the course you will have done a number of capstone projects that will ultimately give you experience in real life problem solving. You will receive a certificate of completion and chart your journey towards a Product Management job. 


Accredian is actively doing everything possible towards better education, and Global Certificate in Product Management is a big part of this dream of ours.

So what are you waiting for? Apply now and become the future of Product Management in India! To upskill and know more, click here.

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