Accredian Program Highlight: Certificate in Product Management Foundation

INSAID Program Highlight: Certificate in Product Management Foundation

For any company to succeed, one needs to produce great products. And to produce great products, one needs great product managers. Product managers are the silent heroes of innovation

Often referred to as the mini-CEO of a product, they ultimately own every stage of the product’s lifecycle. From ideation to product retirement, the guiding hand of a product manager is always there.

Leaving behind traditional practices, product managers act as entrepreneurs, strategists, team leaders and customer advocates. They envision, define and craft customer experience. 

What’s more, product managers influence decisions not just about what gets built but how it gets built. With the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem exploding, we are at an exciting juncture in the business and economic history of India. 

Today, talented individuals are creating products to solve most of life’s problems. As more products are being launched everyday, there is an increased demand for qualified well-rounded product managers in the market.

Our 3 month program, Certificate in Product Management Foundation strives to fill this supply-demand gap in the product ecosystem by providing professional training and mentoring to every aspiring and existing product manager.

Our program is specifically designed for professionals to help them successfully transition and grow in their product management career. 

Program Specifics: 3 Terms, 60+ lecture hours, Lifetime Industry Mentor sessions

We focus on structured learning where our comprehensive curriculum covers live online classes including assignments, projects and specializations. Our strong team of mentors are from companies like Accenture, Microsoft, Walmart, Amazon, etc. who are here to guide you and help you reach new heights towards success.

The Certificate in Product Management Foundation program consists of 3 Terms, which are:

Term 1: Introduction to Product Management
  • Understanding basics of Product Management
  • Who is a product manager?
  • Different roles of a product manager
  • Importance of research in Product management
Term 2: Product Strategy & Roadmap
  • What is the Product Planning Cycle?
  • Establishing Product Vision and Mission
  • Formulating Product Strategy and Product Goals
  • What is Product Backlog and Roadmap
Term 3: Product Design Thinking
  • The Philosophy of Design Thinking
  • Decoding Creativity and Innovation
  • Design Thinking for PMs
  • Building MVP- Artifacts, Persona Mapping and PRD’s
Mission: Design Discovery

Design Discovery requires one to apply design thinking concepts to create human-centered and action-oriented solutions. As a PM practitioner you will be competing with the best to solve a complex challenge. 

We also cover the walkthrough and practice of Product Management tools like:

  • Trello
  • Product Plan
  • Miro
  • SocialMention

Do you know why the Global Certificate in Product Management program at Accredian is unique? Because the program’s perks include:

  • Live instructor led trainings 
  • 10 month Weekend classes
  • 50+ projects and guides
  • 100% placements career assistance

By the end of the course you will have done a number of capstone projects that will ultimately give you experience in real life problem solving. You will receive a certificate of completion and chart your journey towards a Product Management job. 


Be a part of Accredian’s dream to change the future of Product Management with the Certificate in Product Management Foundation program.

So what are you waiting for? Apply now and become the future of Product Management in India! To upskill and know more, click here.

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