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Accredian Success Story - Sharad Dubey

Today in Accredian’s Success Story blog, we introduce you to Sharad Dubey who is a Lead Data Scientist and a part of Accenture. He shares his journey to achieving success and landing a career in the Data Science industry. Get to know more about him as he guides us through this amazing process.

Q1: Tell us about your current role and background.

Sharad: I am currently working as a Lead Data Scientist with Accenture. Prior to joining this company, I worked in a non-coding capacity for four consecutive years. In 2017, I started learning the C language, Java, and Python. With the knowledge of Python, I jumped into coding and joined as a software developer.

Q2: What challenges did you face while exploring a Data Science role? 

Sharad: Coming from a non-coding background was a major challenge. I believe that constant efforts into everyday learning is the key to overcome it. At Accredian, I was exposed to new learnings every single day. My knowledge has expanded, and putting all the knowledge into practice has been rewarding.

Q3: How has Data Science helped you in your new role? 

Sharad: In my new role, the Accredian program helped me accelerate my data science journey. It helped me analyze the data coming from clients and how to get it organized using Python and machine learning algorithms. Putting all data into AWS and then reporting this data to clients 

I was to present the data in a concise manner to the client. Firstly, Python comes in handy in these projects; you need to collect the data and organize it in Excel from databases before heading to the machine learning algorithm. And after that, you need to put the data into AWS by using PI Spark and other Python libraries. 

Q4: What was the interview experience at your current company? 

Sharad: In my current company, there were two stages in the interview process. 

Stage 1:

In the first stage, you need to be well-versed with  the basic knowledge base like Python, Machine learning algorithm, Natural Language Processing and deep learning.

Stage 2:  

At this stage, they wanted to know about my take on a live project. They gave me a case study where I had to solve a real-life problem in 15–20 minutes. 

About the Case Study:

I was asked to review the telecom industry, about how these companies are sustaining the customers and benefiting the customer. I was asked to compare various models of machine learning algorithms. The purpose of this case study was to test whether the knowledge was being put to practical use.

Q5: Why Accredian? How did it help you? 

Sharad: I attended a demo class at Accredian, and it gave me the perfect opportunity to opt for the Data Science program. I learned about coding, machine language, and much more.

When you’re coming into the data science field without a coding background, you need to learn about how coding works and how to build your logic.

Q6: What advice would you give to Data Science beginners? 

Sharad: When you’re coming into data science without a coding background, be open to learning and don’t worry about how coding works or how you build your logic; focus on learning first.

First thing, is to get the basics right. Be it Python, Machine Learning, Deep learning, NLP, or Open CV. So, stay hungry about knowledge and keep yourself updated every time.

If you want to be a part of the data science community and achieve something in the future, you guys should join Accredian for a better future and for achieving more in the field of data science.

We hope you found this success story interesting. If you have any Data Science questions, please fill this form and we will get back to you.

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