How Radhika became Data Analyst at Tiger Analytics I Accredian Success Story

Accredian Success Story - Radhika Mirani

In this week’s Accredian Success Stories, we feature, Radhika Mirani, Data Analyst, Tiger Analytics

Before transitioning to a Data Analyst role, Radhika was working as a Software Developer with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). Fascinated by Data Science concepts and applications, Radhika decided to learn and build a career in Data Science. She joined Accredian Global Certificate in Data Science program 2020 batch and soon after completing the course, cracked a Data Analyst role. 

In conversation with Accredian, Radhika shares her Data Science transition journey, the challenges she faced, the interview process at Tiger Analytics, and more. Read her story below. 

Q1. Why did you switch to Data Science?

I’ve always been very intrigued with Data Science concepts like recommendation systems, predictive models, forecasting, AI concepts like AR and VR. So while I was at TCS, I decided to explore some new technologies to widen my horizon. And that is when I truly decided to give Data Science a shot. 

Q2. Why did you join Accredian Data Science Program?

When I decided that I wanted to explore Data Science, a relative sent me a screenshot of an ad posted by Accredian. I decided to attend the introduction session and see what it’s all about and what they are offering. 

So before that, I had looked up a few places where I could learn Data Science from. I did like their structures but there was something very different about Accredian. 

I loved how the course progressed from the very basics and touched upon the important topics. 

I loved how there were assignments to check our progress and there was a team readily available to answer all the queries that we might have. I also looked up the faculty. They were all experts in the field. it was very difficult not to enroll in Accredian program. 

Q3. What challenges did you face during the transition to Data Science?

The biggest challenge, which I faced was that everyone wanted an experienced Data Science professional. Though I had experience, I was still a fresher in this field. And it was very difficult to convince people to give me a chance. So I had very few opportunities coming my way. And I had to be very mindful and prepared to prove that I have worked, I know my concepts. 

Q4. What was the selection process at Tiger Analytics?

The first round in the selection process at Tiger was resume screening. Then they have a coding round to test Python skills. So they give coding questions that had to be solved within 45 minutes. There are two technical rounds. And then finally, HR calls you with the results.

Q5. What interview questions were you asked?

I was asked questions on probability and quant. I was asked to solve a coding problem on spot, sharing my screen and showing them the solution. 

Then I was asked to pick any project of my choice from the ones listed on my resume. And there were in-depth questions on it such as what were the challenges I faced? What was the end result of it and how I approached different problems? So for me, it was a capstone project, which I had done. We had telecom data set, and there were questions on those. 

Then I was asked to choose any one algorithm and explain it in layman terms. So I was given, linear regression and I had to talk about it in very layman terms. Then I was also asked situation-based questions, where they gave me very specific situations to test how I would approach and solve these problems. 

Q6. How did Accredian Data Science Program help you?

Accredian program helped me be very consistent in my journey. Because consistency, as we all know, is the key. One thing which I absolutely loved, and I also tell people about this is that the Accredian faculty and the entire team are very encouraging. Even if we make little progress, they would tell us that it is a milestone. And let’s be honest, it is a milestone for us. So, even if you fail, it’s not really a failure, you just found a way that will not work. So this really helped in growing and it was a very good learning environment.  

Additionally, the assignments were very detailed and the feedback which we received on our assignments was very important. If it wasn’t good, we were informed on what could be improved. So, I loved the overall Accredian experience. And I do recommend people to go for Accredian. 

Q7. What advice would you give to Data Science beginners?

Something that Accredian faculty members advised us. The teachers told us that it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by the vastness of this field. 

It’s really important to keep taking small steps no matter what. And because ultimately, that is what will lead us to where we want to go. So just keep working. 

When you look at people working on AR, VR, computer vision, and other such advanced things, It might look like your work is very small and insignificant. But if we don’t take these small steps right now, we won’t be able to reach there. This is something that our entire faculty kept on repeating to boost us up. 

And this is what I would also like to tell people that no matter how small or insignificant it looks, just keep working. It’s not insignificant at all. These are very important steps. So work on your basic concepts, work on maths, statistics, probability, computer programming, and just go for it.

We hope you found this interview interesting. If you too want to build a career in Data Science, let us know in the comments below, we will get back to you.

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