Everything you need to know about a Product Manager at BLINKIT

With the mission of “instant commerce indistinguishable from magic,” Blinkit uses a backbone of technology, data sciences, and rich customer insights. It has built a dense and fast network of partner stores, enabling lightning-fast deliveries in minutes

Blinkit is leading the charge in transforming India’s vast, unorganized grocery landscape through cutting-edge technology and innovation. It is India’s largest and most convenient hyper-local delivery company, which enables you to order groceries, fruits and vegetables, and other daily essential products directly via your mobile or web browser.

Let’s take a look at the roles and responsibilities for a product manager at Blinkit-

Roles & Responsibilities for a Product Manager at Blinkit

  • Design and build products to service the needs of millions of users across 100 cities in India, in under 10 minutes
  • Work with Store Operations and get a clear understanding of the processes involved, identify inefficiencies and friction points and make our operations more productive
  • Make bold user-centric decisions to make the experience delightful for the end consumers, while keeping long-term sustainability in mind
  • Drive and execute Store Operations product roadmap, keeping it aligned with the organizational goals
  • Work extensively with Engineering, Design, Data, and Operations teams and deliver high-quality releases
  • Be analytical, logical, and proactive in prioritization. Use customer feedback, user research, quantitative metrics, and trends to identify the product roadmap 
  • Monitor and measure launched products and feed learnings back into the product development process
  • Clearly communicate product plans, benefits, and results, as appropriate, to a spectrum of audiences.
  • Ability to operate and thrive in a fast-paced startup environment and have a track record of building successful teams.
  • Enhance the productivity of a high-performing cross-functional team that includes counterparts in Operations, Analytics, Design, Engineering, and Business.

Skills of a Product Manager at Blinkit

  • Empathy for the user: Yes, having empathy is a skill and one that takes a lot of hard work to acquire. This, in turn, helps them derive user insights and figure out the problems (when solved) and opportunities that can provide value to the users.

  • Experimentation: A product manager tries to validate various discoveries via qualitative and quantitative methods. Setting up low-cost experiments to quickly validate user insights and deliver user value is a key skill for the role.

  • Problem-solving with UX, tech, and business expertise: Working with UX and engineering and having the requisite business expertise puts a product manager in a uniquely favorable position to come up with creative product ideas by combining tech, UX and business expertise to bring value to the users and deriving business value from it.

  • Strong analytical ability: From measuring the impact of a shipped product to analyzing product usage data and deriving insights and inferences from it, a product manager’s analytical skills are put to use every single day.

  • Team Spirit: A product manager speaks to people with different expertise- engineering, design, data, marketing, operations, and tries to make sure the execution is being done according to the plan

  • Market Awareness: Being aware of what’s happening in the market around the problems/ opportunities being pursued enables a product manager to learn from the wins/ failures of the world outside.

  • Strong verbal and written communication: One of the challenging aspects of the role is that a product manager needs to align different stakeholders around the vision for the product. That’s where the communication ability is put to the test; to create a shared understanding of the problem/ opportunity, along with the solution and its potential, across the organization.

  • Adaptability and Agility: A product manager gets bombarded with new tools, data, and propositions. The ability to quickly get acquainted with the unfamiliar and the agility to switch context and course of action on the basis of new learnings help boost a product manager’s growth by an order of magnitude.


Here’s a list stated below of all the preferred qualifications of a product manager at Blinkit-

Preferred Qualifications of a Product Manager at Blinkit

  • 4-8 years of experience and a minimum of 2 -4 years of experience in product management
  • Experience with languages used for querying (e.g. SQL) is a plus  
  • Engineering background or an MBA from a prestigious university
  • Proven experience and passion for building great products are a must
  • Excellent communication skills and proven ability to manage multiple stakeholders.
  • The role demands principled thinking, bold innovation, a high bar, and a strong logical mindset to design processes and products efficiently.
  • Have a knack for prioritization, the ability to build alignment, and drive execution

Selection Process at Blinkit

Blinkit’s interview process usually has 2-3 rounds. The most common rounds in the interview process are Resume Shortlist, Aptitude Test, and One-on-one Round.

  • Resume Shortlist: In the resume shortlisting round, they generally shortlist resumes having a prior web or mobile application experience. So, if you have any experience in such fields, you should mention that.
  • Aptitude Test: The Aptitude Test or the written round consists of 3 or 4 code snippets which you would have to solve in around 45 minutes.
  • One-on-one Round: This round is for understanding your past experience, and how deeply you understand problem-solving, product thinking, business understanding, team spirit, and engineering implementation.

FAQs for a Product Manager at Blinkit


  • What do you think is the main role of a product manager?
  • What’s appealing about becoming a product manager at this company? 
  • What would your ideal day as a product manager look like?
  • What changes would you suggest for our product?
  • Tell us how you’ll incorporate data into your role.


  • How do you know if a product is well designed?
  •  If a redesign of a product is needed, how would you coordinate it?
  • What major challenge will our product department face in the next 12 to 24 months?
  •  What’s more important: getting a product done on time or getting a product done as planned?
  • How would you describe our product to a customer?


  • What aspects of being a product manager do you find most rewarding?
  • What aspects of the job do you find challenging?
  • If people disagree over a product’s most important feature, how would you handle it?
  • What’s your strategy for working with engineers and designers? 
  •  What do you need from the executive teams to be successful in this job?
  • Blinkit is revolutionizing e-commerce by making the stuff most important to its customers available in the blink of an eye. Blinkit wants its customers to focus on the more important things and not need to plan for the little things that life needs on an everyday basis.
To learn more about product management, explore our product management courses

If all of this excites you, check out our blog page for more information. Happy Hustling!

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