Divya Jyoti Bharti | Python Grandmaster Challenge-2021 | Runner-Up

Do you want a winning formula to win a PYTHON CHALLENGE?

What are the skills required to succeed in one?

Then you need to hear what Divya Jyoti Bharti GCD, February 2020 cohort, who is a Senior PL/SQL Developer at Cognizant and also Accredian’s First Python Challenge- 2nd Runner UP.

Let’s hear what she has to say about her experience and more…


Q. What is your background prior to entering this challenge?

I’m a Senior Oracle PL/SQL Developer with more than 10 years of experience in Analysis, Design and Implementation of Business Applications, collaborating with stakeholders, Inter-facing with customers, using the Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) along with extensive domain knowledge in Insurance, Telecom, Petrochemical and Manufacturing industry.

Q. What made you decide to enter this competition?

I was excited to receive the email from Accredian informing me about the Challenge. I come from a programming background but my learning never took place in a structured way, after joining Accredian, my learning curve has taken a new turn and everything feels very patterned and structured. My decision to enter the competition, let me test my structured way of learning.

Q. Do you have any domain knowledge that helped you succeed in this competition?

This competition required a good level of understanding of Python and since I come from a technical background, the basic knowledge at least helped me to break down the tricky problems into fewer complex scenarios.


Q. What inspired you to join Accredian?

My love and passion for Python programming and to pursue Data Science as a career option in future inspired me to join Accredian. It has streamlined my learning into a structured format and has given me insights into what areas I need to work to be able to achieve my goals, professionally.

Q. How has the road to Data Science been so far? 

It’s been interesting and exciting so far and I feel that in order to fulfil Accredian’s vision to build Data Leaders for a better, brighter tomorrow, it’s essential to grow individually. No matter your background, your domain or industry, everyone possesses that knowledge and experience that they can co-relate with the Data knowledge that you acquire. That is where any individual can make a difference. Since I come from a banking background, I’m looking for a transition into a leadership role, some years down the line.


Q. Which tools did you use to help you with the challenge questions?

General libraries like Python and NumPy helped me crack the questions.

Q. How did you approach the questions and structure your solution?

Python syntax is very similar to Oracle and I have also done dot net programming, so when I saw the question and the solutions, I just compared them and choose the method of elimination to select the correct answer.

Q. How did you spend your time preparing for this competition?

I saw this as an opportunity to brush up on my concepts and went through the Python and Statistics starter kits provided by Accredian and went through the content provided by Accredian in their LMS. Watching related videos from Youtube. I focussed on practicing my Python concepts a lot.


Q. Do you have any advice for your peers in the upcoming challenges?

I would advise them to practice more and manage their time more efficiently. Only with practice will they be able to figure out the tricky questions and how to strategise to quickly resolve them. Don’t delay your preparation till the last moment. For students who belong to non-technical background, I would suggest not lose hope and keep oneself self-motivated.


Q. Who is your favourite faculty at Accredian?

I would like to thanks Suchit, Manav and all the other mentors for giving us that extra bit of push to achieve our dreams.

Divya Jyoti Bharti is a Senior Oracle PL/SQL Developer with more than 10 years of experience in Analysis, Design and Implementation of Business Applications. She is the Python Challenge- 2nd Runner-Up and her areas of interest include Advanced levels of technical knowledge combined with sound business vision and project management skills, broad understanding of UML, Databases Designs and business processes.

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