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product manager at zomato

Since its inception in 2008, Zomato, with the mission statement of “better food for more people,” has grown tremendously, both in scope and scale, and has emerged as India’s most trusted brand during the pandemic, along with being one of the largest hyperlocal delivery networks in the country.

Zomato’s technology platform connects customers, restaurant partners, and delivery partners, serving their multiple needs. Customers use the platform to search and discover restaurants, read and write customer-generated reviews, view and upload photos, order food delivery, book a table, and make payments while dining out at restaurants. 

Whether it’s building beautiful products to help millions of people discover great places to eat or enabling restaurants with the technology to create incredible dining experiences for their customers, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into!

To know more about the roles and responsibilities of a product manager, let’s go through the list stated below:

product manager at zomato

Roles & Responsibilities of a Product Manager at Zomato

  • Fully own the vision and roadmap of the product areas that you will be assigned.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the users, and their needs and create useful product experiences that address those needs.
  • Manage the cross-functional execution of the product roadmap, working closely with design, engineering, operations, and business teams.
  • Synthesize insights from user research, customer meetings, usage data, and sales feedback to prioritize improvements and new feature ideas to achieve Zomato’s business goals.
  • Lead organizational initiatives to establish best-in-class product management practices within Zomato.

Requirements of a Product Manager at Zomato

  • Strong technical knowledge – A technical BE/B.Tech degree or equivalent experience in a high-growth tech company or startup.
  • Strong technical understanding right from overall architecture to intricate details
  • Prior product shipping experience – 5+ years of experience in shipping high-quality and scalable consumer internet products
  • Excellent communication skills– the ability to converse seamlessly and clearly with tech and business
  • Leadership – Demonstrated ability to lead cross-functional teams in a highly dynamic environment.
  • Data-driven– You must be obsessed with data and know how to make data talk.
  • Customer-first approach– You must think like a customer first and be unwilling to make compromises on customer experience and usability
  • Clear communication, bias to action, and great execution are must-haves.

Moving forward, let’s glance through the selection procedure for a product manager at Zomato.

Selection Process at Zomato

Zomato’s interview process usually has 2-3 rounds. The most common rounds in the interview process are Resume Shortlist, Aptitude Test, and One-on-one Round.

  • Resume Shortlist: In the resume shortlisting round, they generally shortlist resumes having a prior web or mobile application experience. So, if you have any experience in such fields, you should mention that.

  • Aptitude Test: The Aptitude Test or the written round consists of 3 or 4 code snippets which you would have to solve in around 45 minutes.

  • One-on-one Round: This round is for understanding your past experience, and how deeply you understand problem-solving, product thinking, business understanding, team spirit, and engineering implementation

FAQs for Product Manager’s Role at Zomato

We have categorized them into three levels; let’s quickly glance at them.


  • How well do you know Zomato?
  • Why have you applied to Zomato?
  • How would you describe yourself and why do you think that you should be hired by Zomato?
  • In your opinion, what are your top three personal qualities that help you succeed? How do those traits align with Zomato’s values?
  • How’d you structure a product roadmap for Zomato?


  • Do you consider yourself to be a specialist product manager or a generalist?
  • Can you identify some of the key growth areas for Zomato?
  • Would you build a new product at Zomato and why? What size market do you think this product would have?
  • A problem has arisen with the email sign-up flow. Users are not signing up for a primary service provided by Zomato. What should you do?
  • If you were choosing between setting up an all-in rate versus a separate delivery charge for customers of Zomato, how would you decide?


  • What do you think would be your biggest challenge in the Zomato Product Manager role?
  • What would you like to gain from the position of Product Manager at Zomato – what are some of your key goals?
  • Can you design a new product for Zomato? How would you launch it?
  • What obstacles did you encounter along the way when you brought a product to market or launched a product?
  • What would you do to improve Zomato if you were hired as a Product Manager?

Product managers at Zomato have a consistent track record of creating and growing great products for millions of users globally. 

They are given maximum autonomy to solve interesting problems across many different areas of the business, be it working on high-scale transactional products or social platforms or solving optimization problems on deep-tech algorithmic systems. The potential to learn and create an impact at the same time is immense.

Interesting right? Join the product management team at Zomato and work towards the vision of providing better food for more people.

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