9 AI Blogs You Should Follow

9 AI Blogs You Should Follow

Every self-respecting engineer or software designer today knows a thing or two about artificial intelligence and its applications in their field.

However, it is quite important to stay in-tune with the most recent progress; it could be crucial for your business, or your job.  

Considering the staggering number of blogs (most claiming to the best, or the most popular), it becomes imperative to know which blogs you should follow.

And that’s the first item on our to-do list for the day, presenting to you the list of AI blogs that you really should follow:

1. AI Trends

The best thing about this website is the everything you need to know about AI trends, business, investments, technology, resources, webinars, and research (basically everything about the AI industry), is neatly curated and placed on the homepage. Arguably, it is the best blog to follow to stay updated with whatever happens in the AI spectrum.

Why should you follow this blog?

For the all-encompassing approach of this website. Also, the simple and navigable menu bar which helps you narrow down your search in case you want to read about a particular topic. Along with AI updates, trends, and new concepts, you also get a rich collection of white-papers, case studies, and interviews as well.

2. Open AI

Open AI believes in making artificial intelligence work for humanity, and advance it to benefit humanity. All the works at OpenAI are free for public use. OpenAI conducts ‘fundamental, long-term research toward the creation of safe AGI’. They also release a comprehensive ‘Charter’ which contains the principles Open AI uses to work on AI. These serve as an excellent reference to help various upcoming and existing AI based projects in defining their own charter.

Why should you follow this blog?

This blog offers you a rich collection of path-breaking researches in AI, for example discovering types for entity disambiguation, preparing for malicious uses of AI, interpreting machine learning through teaching, and so on. All the research work conducted at Open AI is free for everyone.

Also, they conduct contests, which you can take part in and place yourself on the world AI map. Just like Don Corleone would do, Open AI is making you a deal you can’t refuse.

3. Machine Learning Mastery

Run by Jason Brownlee, this blog is perfect for those beginning their journey in machine learning. This blog aims at helping you understand the basics of machine learning, applied machine learning process, machine learning algorithms, machine learning with Python and R, and everything in between.

Why should you follow this blog?

Jason provides a series of ten lessons to bring you up to speed in machine learning, even if you start from the scratch. While he adds blogs on latest trends, discusses various concepts and algorithms, the supplement this series provides is quite valuable.

Thanks to Jason’s extensive experience, the lessons, and the blogs, all are very matter-of-factly. Great for people on a schedule.

4. Google Research Blog

Did you happen to hear about MobileNetV2? The project which employed general purpose computer vision neural networks to facilitate better classification, detection, and many other functionalities for mobile devices!

If you did, you have already been following the industry gold-standard blog.

Google is not a name that needs any introduction. They have been conducting researches of colossal magnitude in the field of computer science, particularly AI. When their artificial brain learned to recognize a cat from YouTube videos, without even being taught the concept of a cat, it ignited an interest in AI throughout the software industry.

Why should you follow Google Research Blog?

Furthering their pioneer streak, Google researchers discuss their upcoming and ongoing studies along with updates on the previous studies. The blogs are lengthy and written in a rather formal language, but are still very useful to people who want to stay in the loop for the most ambitious projects under the most adept scientists in AI.

5. Algorithmia

Algorithmia maintains a delicate balance between beginner’s guides and advanced topics. Powered by animated infographics, funny comics here and there, great code samples, and a friendly, conversant tone, blogs at Algorithmia are incredible.

They take a topic and discuss it from head to tail, including all components of the process in good detail. This tends to make the blog a bit lengthier. However, the content of each blog is quite to the point, hence the length is acceptable.

Why should you follow Algorithmia blog?

An organization which provides AI, specifically machine learning solutions, Algorithmia is at the epicenter where all changes happen for real. While we are quite short of real AI as of now, the best of what we have is what Algorithmia does.

It’s only obvious that their blog follows an intuitive style of explanation even for topics as complex as CNNs, advanced image manipulation, and such,

While the read is going to be long, Algorithmia is well worth your time.

6. ScienceDaily – Artificial Intelligence News

Scientists recently developed tooth-mounted sensors which can track what you eat.

Now that is absurd (just like the idea of flying was, once) but nevertheless an application of AI. You’ll find this little piece of sunshine under the Human Quirk News section at the blog we are discussing now, ScienceDaily.

Among the more mainstream blogs, you will find latest applications of AI, for example, use of AI in wearables to personalize them, using AI to predict life on other planets, how a snake-inspired robot uses Kirigami to move, etc. While there are no tutorials, or beginner’s guide, or research papers, you will find almost every development in the sphere of AI and robotics.

Why should you follow ScienceDaily – Artificial Intelligence News?

This blog focuses on updates, new developments, and latest events happening in AI. So, you might not find a beginner’s guide to probability distribution here, but you sure will find how advancements in probability distribution helped a study predict large earthquakes with higher accuracy.  

7. MIT News – Artificial Intelligence

On April 4, 2018, MIT student, Arnav Kapoor, conducted an experiment for a project called, ‘Alter Ego’. This project aims to build an AI system which can transcribe words the user speaks silently.

Wonderful stuff, isn’t it? But if you didn’t know about it already, that is because you are yet to start following MIT News – Artificial Intelligence.

We all know that MIT is among the top institutions fostering innovation and out-of-the-box education. At this blog, you will get to know about the AI projects that are under development at MIT, latest trends in AI with contribution from reputed professors, and associated news.

Why should you follow MIT News – Artificial Intelligence?

To stay in the know-how of how AI can be applied to seemingly not-so-AI-friendly fields. For example, there are project records on this blog which discuss using AI for custom carpentering, a self-robotic fish which swam along realones in a coral reef, and a lot more on the same lines.

Also, they announce ambitious projects under tie-ups with leading AI companies, and various contests here.

8. ChatBot’s Life

True to its name, this blog has ample amount of resources covering everything from making your first chatbot, using chatfuel in your project, using your chatbot’s performance, integrating your chatbot with latest digital assistants like Alexa, developing a platform extension like a Facebook extension for your chatbot, to distributing a slack app and messenger user acquisition, and everything in between.

What sets this blog apart is the simple yet lucid language complete with elaborate diagrams and infographics.

Why should you follow it?

Chatbots are an integral sign of the AI revolution. In fact, the Turing test was developed to test a chat bot’s efficiency in behaving like a real human. While we have come a long way, for example, Alexa and Siri are quite efficient and have shown appreciable skillfulness in sarcasm and sense of humor time, and again, chatbots still need a lot of work.

If you’re someone who’s into bots, Chatbot’s life is where you’ll find out how to make yourself one.

9. Artificial-Intelligence.Blog

Have you seen the full self-drive images from Tesla which were leaked recently? If you haven’t, you should subscribe to Artificial-Intelligence.blog. Right away.

Artificial-Intelligence.blog keep track of everything that goes on in the AI circles, for example, interviews of people in the thick of AI, latest examples of applied AI, best places to study AI from, ground-breaking researches and resources of AI, AI conferences and their debriefs, AI books, people who matter in AI, AI analytics, AI podcasts, glossary and terminologies, and companies in AI.

Why should you follow Artificial-Intelligence.blog?

For the love of God, and AI.

Even though the sheer expanse of AI aspects that Artificial-Intelligence.blog covers is reason enough, there is also a ‘Fun’ section. In this section you will find AI entertainment, movies, TV, music, and to top it all, AI jokes.


Here it is, the ultimate list of blogs you need to follow to stay up to date with different aspects like educational, investments, business, trends, and news etc. of the super-dynamic field Artificial Intelligence.

We’ll say you follow two or three blogs at max, otherwise it’ll be too hard to keep up with the flood of information. However, this list is a compilation, in no definitive rank, which you should use to select blogs which cater the most to your requirements.

Do let us know in the comments’ section about how you feel about the list!

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