6 Roles of a Product Management Consultant

Users and user product needs are no longer one-minded. Customers look for products that are easy to use, cost-effective, personalized, and address their pain points simultaneously. To address multiple needs of users, companies need people who can take a multi-dimensional approach. And a role perfect fit to achieve this is a Product Management Consultant. 

Consulting firms have found a special place in the industry. From government to private sectors, consulting firms are acting as catalysts and help achieve the desired results. One such important role consulting offers is a Product Management Consultant. 

A Product Management Consultant comes with years of industry experience and user knowledge. 

A PM Consultant not only does know what the consumer wants but also why?! 

Answers to these critical questions through the eyes of a PM Consultant help brands re-imagine their product strategy and develop products loved by customers!

Let’s understand in detail what a Product Management Consultant does and why every company must have one!


6 Roles of a Product Management Consultant

  1. A Product Management Consultant brings in a fresh perspective and third party view to analyze a company’s products. A PM Consultant’s years of experience help them predict user patterns and make informed decisions.
  2. A PM consultant assesses the current state of a product and its respective market and helps the brand develop strategies to increase revenues. 

  3. Brands often complain of spending too much time on features and not getting the desired results. PM Consultants come in without the “familiarity bias” for the product and give brands unaltered feedback. 

  4. With changes in strategies and product development processes, PM Consultants help reduce the products’ time to market and get faster and more effective responses. 

  5. PM Consultants also come with invaluable insights from competitor brands. They help learn from the mistakes and successes of other brands. 

  6. In addition to helping grow a product, PM Consultants also help streamline everyday operations and contribute to the development of a brands’ product team. This gives a fresh view to the product team and helps them think beyond the obvious. 

Product Management Consultant is a relatively new term to the industry and is only restricted to global brands. However, the need and demand for industry experts have been resonated well by companies of all stature. 

With products being the center of all companies from technology to services coupled with the increasing competition; the demand for expert insights is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. 

If you’re a Product Manager or aim to become one, a Product Management Consultant role can be the perfect fit for you! If you want to kickstart your career, check out our 6-month industry-recognized Product Management certification here.

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