4 Reasons Why You Need a Product Management Certification

4 Reasons Why You Need a Product Management Certification

Are you planning to build a career in Product Management? If yes, then this blog is for you. We today answer one of the most common questions asked by aspiring Product Managers – Do I need a Product Management Course? The short answer is Yes. 

Unlike other career tracks, there is no fixed pathway to build a career in Product Management. From an engineer to a business graduate, anyone with the right skill-set can become a Product Manager. In such high competition, a short-term Product Management certification offers you the perfect opportunity to understand basics, learn necessary skills/tools, work on live projects, and prepare for PM interviews. 

In this blog, we share with you 4 reasons why you need a Product Management certification.  Let’s check them out. 

  • Interaction With World Class Product Managers

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, if you want to move to a Product Management role, then a Product Management certification is the perfect opportunity to interact with top product managers, network, and get all your doubts answered. 

Mentoring by industry Product Managers goes beyond just the course training. You get to learn how a Product Manager (in real) handles tasks such as ensuring the smooth functioning of different teams, interacting with stakeholders and users, building product roadmaps, and making crucial decisions.

Along with learning from seasoned product managers in a Product Management course you also get to interact with industry experts and network with other budding Product Managers. This will help you stay updated with the latest PM trends, in-demand skills, and keep a check on competition as well. 

  • Structured Product Management Learning

As a Product Manager, you’ll be required to work with engineering, design, and marketing teams. To handle such varying processes and teams, it is necessary to have basic subject knowledge. 

To begin with, you can use free resources to learn Product Management. However, they lack structured learning. When you’re looking to build a career as a Product Manager, a role whose definition is modified with the company, you need a defined way of learning. A Product Management certification provides you with a focused, structured, and step-by-step learning path, necessary to become a world-class Product Manager.

Additionally, a Product Management course would also give you the opportunity to work on industry live projects and experience what it is like to be a Product Manager. We in our Certificate in Product Management program provide students the opportunity to work on a capstone project with popular brands and learn practical applications. 

  • Career Assistance 

A Product Management course would provide you personalized mentoring and career assistance to crack the PM role at your dream company. We at INSAID, provide a PM role assessment for our candidates, help pick the right role, and companies to apply for freshers, mid-career professionals, and senior executives. 

A Product Management course would also help you prepare for PM interviews. In INSAID Product Management certification, as a part of career assistance, you get to practice PM interview questions and appear for mock interviews. 

  • High Return on Investment

Let’s talk money. Investing in a Product Management certification is one the most profitable investments you could make. At INSAID, the fee of a 6-month long Global Certificate in Product Management program is INR 1,80,000 + GST.

On the other hand, according to Glassdoor, the average salary of a Product Manager in India is INR 15,00,000. Check out the Product Manager salary offered by some top companies in India below.


Photo: Glassdoor

Taking the above calculations into consideration, it is a no-brainer that a Product Management course offers a very high ROI in terms of both your money and career growth.

We hope you found this blog useful. These are our top reasons why you must sign up for a Product Management certification today. We’d also love to hear from you. Share your views in the comments below.

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