What Makes Product Management Certification at INSAID Unique

In the world of Product Management, you’re never too old to learn. Whether you are an existing Product Manager or planning to become one, it is crucial that you keep upskilling to sustain your growth in the field of Product Management. In a conventional way, you should study PM books and listen to podcasts; which is great. But to get more structured and focused training, we suggest a Product Management certification

At INSAID we offer 2 Product Management courses – 3 and 6 months long. These Product Management certifications have been designed by industry stalwarts keeping in mind the evolving product environment, latest PM trends, and skills. 

Unlike other programs available, INSAID’s Product Management courses offer end-to-end support to the candidate. From live training to projects to mock PM interviews, INSAID’s Product Management certification mentors and helps you crack PM roles. 

In this article, we share with you 5 reasons which make INSAID Product Management certification unique. Let’s get started. 

  • Mentoring by Industry Best Product Managers

At INSAID, we have a panel of world-class Product Managers to mentor our Product Management cohorts. Our faculty introduces you to the world of Product Management and helps build your basics right and learn practical applications. Along with teaching Product Management, our faculty also provides candidates’ career support, helps practice through mock interviews, and crack PM roles

Our Product Management faculty includes top academicians and product leaders such as Suchit Majumdar (Product Management Head at INSAID and an MBA from ISB), Sai Charan Tej K (Product Manager, Teradata), Khanjan Desai (Product Manager, Razorpay), Rakshit Suri (Sr. Product Manager, Microsoft), Prahlad Modi (Lead Product Manager, Open text), and Ishaan Anand (Product Manager, Adobe). 

  • Master 5 Pillars of Product Management

Our Global certificate in Product Management program covers the 5 pillars of Product Management – Product Strategy, Engineering, Design, Launch, and Analytics. INSAID’s In-depth curriculum covers these 5 pillars of Product Management over 4 terms. While in the last 2 terms, candidates are trained to answer Product Management interview questions and work on an industry product under a capstone project

Download the brochure of the GCPM program here

  • Get Hands-On Training

During INSAID Product Management certification you get to learn PM tools and frameworks. The list of Product Management tools includes Trello, Jira, Pendo, ProductPlan, Figma, and Confluence to name a few. 

Students also get to learn and work on practical applications of top Product Management frameworks such as Rice Prioritization, AARRR, Product Vision Board, Double Diamond, Amazon Backwards, and Kano. Candidates are exposed to 50+ projects and guides to apply these top PM frameworks and get hands-on experience. 

  • Career Support to Crack PM roles

INSAID Product Management certification is not limited to classroom knowledge. We get you industry-ready. INSAID PM career launchpad helps candidates build a Product Management resume, identify and apply to the right companies, and practice mock PM interviews. As a part of our Product Management course, we also provide an exclusive guide containing Product Management interview questions

  • Avail Easy Upgrade Facility

In addition to our 6-month long GCPM program, we also offer a 3-month Certificate in Product Management course. Candidates vary of signing up for a 6-month program can opt for INSAID CPM program and then upgrade and switch to the GCPM course for free. 

Download the CPM course brochure here

We hope you found this blog useful. If you have any questions let us know in the comments below.

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