How Varun propelled his career into the Data Science domain

Dive into the thrilling success story of Varun, a Solution Architect at EXL! Join him on an exhilarating journey as he unveils how the Certificate in Data Science Program by Accredian propelled him into the dynamic realm of Data Science. 

Explore Varun’s captivating narrative and be inspired by the transformative process that led him to excel in this exciting industry.


Q1: Tell us about your current role and background.

Hello, I’m Varun Bersain, currently serving as a Solution Architect at EXL Services Private Limited. Our focus is on delivering contact service and digital solutions to a diverse range of end customers, spanning industries such as banking, finance, and insurance. Our primary objective is to cater to clients seeking digital transformation.

As an architect, my responsibilities include comprehending client requirements, assessing the feasibility of proposed solutions, and presenting a high-level design. This design outlines the integration of solutions like conversational AI with their contact center platform and details how data exchange will occur.

In essence, my current role at EXL Services revolves around facilitating and implementing digital solutions for our clients.

Q2: What challenges did you face while switching to Data Science?

In my capacity as a technical SME (subject matter expert), my initial focus is on grasping the fundamentals. While delving into the world of data science, my most formidable challenge arises in applying my AI skills within my domain.

Despite acquiring foundational knowledge through online resources, the real hurdle lies in effectively integrating these skills into my specific domain – which, in my case, is telephony and contact center services. This, undoubtedly, has been the most significant challenge in my journey.

Q3: How has Data Science helped you in your new role?

As mentioned, I come from a technical background and prioritize understanding the fundamentals. Accredian played a pivotal role in providing me with a comprehensive view, covering essentials such as types of data, data visualization, machine learning, and various types of learning within machine learning.

Having acquired these foundational basics, I seamlessly applied data science and AI concepts within my domain. For instance, working on solutions like speech analytics and workforce management, I discovered the intricate integration of AI.

This newfound knowledge unveiled that workforce management utilizes AI for forecasting and scheduling, while speech analytics leverages NLP for analyzing interactions between agents and clients. In essence, the synergy of these basics and domain expertise was seamlessly provided by Accredian.

Q4: What was the interview like at your current company?

With over 20 years of experience in the telephony and contact center domain, my interviews revolved around scenario-based questions. In the technical rounds we:

  • Explored designing a solution for a new US contact center with 1000 seats.
  • Discussed calculating bandwidth for integrating a conversational AI solution, including specific questions on voice call passage to the AI platform.
  • Shared insights on the accuracy of Speech-to-Text (STT) engines.

The two technical interviews delved deep into my expertise, while the third, led by the head of technology, focused on business aspects:

  • Technical Round 1: Scenario-based questions.
  • Technical Round 2: Further technical assessment.
  • Business Round: Emphasized effective communication and presentation skills when interacting with clients.

This three-round process gauged both technical proficiency and business acumen, resulting in a successful selection.

Q5: Why INSAID? How did it help you?

I discovered Accredian on LinkedIn and decided to attend their seminar due to my curiosity about data science. The initial interaction with the faculty left a lasting impression.

They provided insights into various knowledge areas influencing AI and data science, emphasizing the importance of clarity regarding one’s role in their domain expertise.

This guidance proved invaluable as I transitioned into a data science career.

Q6: What advice would you give to Data Science Beginners?

Primarily, it’s crucial to grasp the fundamentals. Another essential aspect is defining your role clearly within your domain expertise. Engage in extensive reading across various online platforms, including blogs and videos, to shape your perspective. So, my advice to the listener is to establish a solid foundation and gain clarity on your role within your domain.

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