How Vinay became Data Analyst at Kantar Worldpanel I Accredian Success Story

Accredian Success Story - Vinay K. Pandey

Without labor, nothing prospers.

This quote by Sophocles rightly sums up our this week’s feature – Vinay Kumar Pandey’s success story. 

Before making the big transition to Data Analytics, Vinay had been working on contractual jobs. On the lookout for structured education in Data Analytics and a full-time position, Vinay joined Accredian’s Global Certificate in Data Science 2021 cohort. 

Soon after completing the course at Accredian, Vinay cracked an Analytics Team Manager role at one of the leading market research companies – Kantar Worldpanel. His patience, hard work, and diligence helped him land a job not just in the field of his interests but also in a managerial position. 

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Check out the excerpts from the interview below.

Q1. Tell Us About Your Current Role and Background

I’m Vinay Kumar Pandey, working as an analytics team manager with Kantar Worldpanel. I joined this esteemed organization in July 2021. Before this, I was working in a contractual position as a Data Analyst. And earlier, I was a consultant to an IAS officer and it was from that experience the analysis became a part of my life. 

Q2. Why Did You Switch to Data Analytics Role?

In my previous organization, a lot of surveys were conducted, and the analysis of those surveys had to be done. Based on that analysis, policy decisions were made. So, I was doing Data Analysis, but not in a formal way. I had knowledge of Excel and Power BI and I used them to analyze surveys. 

I realized that I need some more knowledge and I need to explore Data Science so that I can use technology and analysis in full strength. 

So, because of my interest in Data Science, AI, and Data Analytics and the motivation to get a good job, I switched to Data Science and Analysis. 

Q3. Why Did You Join Accredian Data Science Program?

I was looking for some resources that can help me work on my analytical strengths. I came across various advertisements, but I was skeptical if they will fulfill their commitments of completing the syllabus on time and more. 

One day I came across Accredian’s advertisement on my mobile. I registered for their live webinar as it was free and was on a Saturday. So Manav and Suchit, both conducted the session and they provided guidance on how to transition. 

That was really helpful and impressive and also gave me clarity on how this course will help me get a full-time Data Analyst job. Their way of explaining, motivating the candidate, and showing a clear vision was very helpful for me. This motivated me to enroll in Accredian’s course. 

Q4. What Was the Selection Process at Your Company?

There were three rounds of interviews. First was a telephonic round conducted by HR.  She asked about my experience in analytics and where I was working. 

After that, there were two more technical rounds. I was asked questions on tools and technology. As it is a market research company, they asked me questions about my statistical knowledge. As they are also exploring AI, and advanced technology for research and analysis, so they asked me questions on Machine Learning as well. 

Those ML questions were not only on fundamentals but also on algorithms and their applications. So, it was a technical, verbal, online interview with a focus on practical applications. If you have practical knowledge, then it will be very helpful in your interview. 

There was also a case study question. I missed a point, but they repeated and supported me in that because they just wanted to understand how I think and approach situations. Overall, I can say it was less technical, but more critical thinking skills they were testing for. Also, the questions asked were based on my response to the previous question. 

Q5. How did Accredian Data Science Program Help You?

Of course, Accredian’s program helped me in achieving this career transition. One of the two key factors is faculty. Accredian has highly qualified and experienced faculty. They also have their own portal, where a lot of learning resources are available. 

Another thing I can say is that the lectures are scheduled on weekend. As we are working professionals and we don’t have time to attend the lecture on a daily basis, so, that was really helpful. 

Also, my current job was via Accredian. I applied for the job and Suchit gave my reference to Miss Jigna Thacker, who I later came to know is my boss. So I’m really thankful to Suchit for this. 

Q6. What Advice Would You Give to Data Science Beginners?

I’d say only learning is not sufficient. If you want to be successful in Data Science, then, you have to explore. 

Until you make your hands dirty with data, you won’t be able to understand data. So, those who are interested in this , have to make their hands dirty with data processing. 

The second thing I would advise is that because you’re going for Data Science, you must have some company set as a target, whose daily work is on data. I choose this Kantar because it is one of the best analytics market research companies in the world. If you see they work with data on a daily basis. So, I advise you to choose your company wisely so that your learning comes in practical applications. 

We hope you found this interview interesting. If you have any Data Science related questions, let us know in the comments below. We will reach out to you.

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