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Vinayasree V Kalburgi

Accredian‘s Spotlight story on Vinayasree V Kalburgi, who is currently pursuing PGP-DSAI from the August 2022 Batch, highlights her journey in the program and her passion for Data Science. 

Q1: Which program and batch are you part of at Accredian? Tell us more about your current work profile.

Vinayasree: I am currently pursuing PGP-DSAI and I’m from the August 2022 Batch. I am a graduate in Computer Science Engineering and also hold a Master’s degree in MBA with a specialization in Operations and HR. I have a total of 4+ years of experience in the Operations and HR field.

Q2: Walk us through your career journey and what got you interested in Data Science and Machine Learning.

Vinayasree: I am a Computer Science Engineering graduate and hold a Master’s degree in MBA with a specialization in Operations and HR. I have over 4 years of experience in the Operations and HR field. I have always been interested in challenging work, particularly in the areas of mathematics, statistics, and deriving meaningful insights from large data sets.

While reading an online article, I came across the field of Data Science which ignited my interest as it involves a lot of Mathematics and is currently one of the hottest sectors in IT. Given my background in programming and my love for challenging situations, I decided to pursue it.

Q3: What data science and machine learning tools and packages have you mastered so far in your Data Science and AI program at Accredian?

Vinayasree: I have learned Statistics, MySQL, Python, Numpy, Pandas, and Seaborn. Additionally, I have also learned about GitHub and how it is used as a platform by individuals to showcase their coding skills and contribute to the developer community.

Furthermore, I have gained an understanding of a few basic Machine Learning algorithms.

Q4: What are some of the initial challenges you faced when you started your Data Science journey, and how did you overcome them?

Vinayasree: I have some programming knowledge, but not a lot. This was the only hurdle for me, as I had to understand Python concepts. Although I understand and can write code in Python, I am not sure if I have enough algorithm-to-code conversion skills. This is something that is gained through years of experience.

Q5: Who is your favorite faculty member at Accredian and what did you learn from him the most?

Vinayasree: I believe that all the tutors at Accredian are experienced and good, but for me, Deepesh Wadhwani stands out. He ensures that his students understand the concepts thoroughly and is an ideal teacher for those with little or no programming experience, as he covers all topics in great detail.

The examples he provides are realistic and relatable, which helps complex topics to be easily understood. Deepesh is passionate and an excellent teacher.

Q6: How has Data Science evolved in the last few years?

Vinayasree: I believe that Data Science is one of the hottest and fastest-growing sectors in IT. Many people and industries claim to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, but have no clear understanding of what it entails or how it works.

Data Science has existed for a while, but it was previously done by a small group of people. Now, it has become mainstream, and a lot of new talent is eager to work in this field. Additionally, there are almost unlimited opportunities available, and I believe that Data Science will not be affected by any recession due to its high demand.

Vinayasree: I am most excited about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, as these are the cutting-edge fields of Data Science and are incredibly interesting. Additionally, I believe that there aren’t enough people currently working in these areas, leaving a huge scope for new learners to enter this in-demand IT sector.

Furthermore, AI and ML are not like traditional IT sectors, as many people claim to use them but aren’t fully aware of their real capabilities. As a Data Scientist, I believe that I have a deep understanding of these fields and am genuinely enthusiastic about working in them.

Q8: What is your advice to anyone wanting to start a career in Data Science?

Vinayasree: I would advise people who aspire to become Data Scientists to be open to learning, as the learning curve in this field is pretty steep. It is essential to be willing to learn about topics that may be outside of one’s comfort zone and to deep dive into complex concepts.

Additionally, I would advise new learners to practice programming, as it is essential to have at least average coding skills if one wants to thrive in this field.

We hope you enjoyed reading this interview. Check out the Accredian Spotlight for more interesting student stories like this.

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